OH Ame-ri-KKK-a!!

At first I was just going to make a witty status update about what relentless bulldog byiatches Nancy Grace and that Velez-Mitchell chick were (and how you have to be a heartless whore to have your own show on HLN these days), but the media coverage on MJ compels me to say much more. I know, I know. We’re all tired of watching/reading about but I HAVE to speak on it!

I mean the comments just beg the question “What Black man for do???”

This week, Rep congressman went on a tirade, calling out the media for the week long coverage on MJ’s death. He said the air time should have been spent covering the cops who serve the community, the fire fighters and the soldiers in Iraq. You know, the REAL heroes. He said “MJ was a pervert and a child molester and THERE WAS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT THIS GUY”. He said “Sure he danced some dances and sang some songs,” but that didn’t make him worthy of all the attention the WORLD was giving him. For the record there was plenty that was good about him. He was a humanitarian who gave millions to impoverished nations, the ill and the UNCF; changed attitudes through his work (not mine, because my heart is a deep icy hole);and at the least, was a devoted father, brother. son and friend. You sodding idiot. But the media didn’t show that part of his life because it wasn’t “newsworthy”.

My mouth was literally fucking AGAPE. I generally try to look at people objectively and not classify them based off of bits of information, but King came off (to me at least) as an aloof, out of touch, racist (yes)…Republican. I always defending the Republican party, because like the Dems, they have their demons and issues too; but these comments are indefensible.

Why are King’s comments racists? Because he may have well come out and said “The nigga danced like we told him to and now he’s dead. Why should we care?” Dance nigga, dance. Why are his comments indefensible? Because he just made the Rep party look like a group of unhip, intolerant MORONS at a time when they can scarcely afford it. They are loosing members by the droves, and the youth are not interested in their brand of buffoonery.

I mean, how Black man for do?? MJ faced his accusers in court as was acquitted of the charges! According to the law, he is NOT guilty of the crimes he was accused of! What is SUPPOSED to make America great is that in OUR courts, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty; not the other way around. It’s like some White people can’t handle it when a brother is proven not guilty of something they are just SURE he did. Sorry y’all, maybe OJ didn’t do it! Stop trying to make all our young men pay for the one who “got away”. Christo!

Furthermore, I don’t need Rep King to tell me who my heroes should be. You want me to hero worship the cops? The same ones who shot Diallo 41 times for pulling out a wallet, or who beat up the unconscious man in Alabama after a chase? Or how about the US soldier in Iraq who raped that girl and then killed her family? These guys DID THESE despicable things. It’s been proven. There is no PROOF that Michael molested any child or had inappropriate sexual contact with them. He admitted to sleeping in the same bed with them, or giving a hug or a kiss…I hug and kiss my and other kids all the time. I guess that makes me a perv too, huh?

Fuck you Peter King. My baby is crying and this is all the time I can afford you right now.