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Should we legalize weed? – Uhh..YEAH!

Weed, weed, weed.

My feelings about Mary Jane are a little mixed. After all, one of my first boyfriends told me that if I “didn’t like him smoking weed, I could break up with him!” I was shocked. He had chosen the ‘other woman’ over me; and the ‘other woman’ was a PLANT. How was I supposed to feel as a young woman?

Now I’m a little older and I realize that all those mad men walking around Accra were probably not crazy because they had been smoking weed (as they told us in primary school), but probably because some “uncle” had raped them as small boys and their mind couldn’t handle it. Weed is back in the headlines with Mexico’s war on drugs and Pres Obama’s flip remarks on whether or not to legalize it. He said “no”. I think this would be a big mistake.

Now of course OBAMA can’t legalize weed in America. How would that look? First Black man in the White House and he opens up a legal trade of the chronic? Comedians and the press would have a field day. But for his successor (who WILL be white), I offer my humble opinion on the legalization of bud.

Economic advantages:
The US spends millions, if not billions, of dollars on a war on drugs every year. You could easily turn that expenditure into revenue if you levied a tax on weed sales. Plus, it’s the American thing to do. Lets not forget, liquor used to be illegal too. Today, beer companies are some of the nation’s largest employers and sponsors of community programs. Imagine if we had a Bud Inc. or Weed Watchers to glean all that extra money from?

The American government has sanctioned and legalized some of the most harmful substances known to man…like cigarettes. Cigs kill more people everyday than car wrecks and murder combined, yet the revenue from cigarette sales go towards building schools, bridges and funding education. It is UNAMERICAN for the government not to exploit the health of minorities for the gain of the rest of the country.

Everyday, dozens of people are locked up for possessing mere ounces of weed. Instead of overcrowding our jails with these non-violent offenders, just tax the product! It’s a far better way for them to repay their debt to society.

Weed has been used to cure/treat glaucoma. Who knows what else it could cure? That little plant could unlock the secrets to curing AIDS, cancer or paraplegia.

Some of America’s best and brightest smoke weed. The most awesome and athletic man on the planet, Michael Phelps, smokes weed. Do you really think the Olympic Committee is not going to invite him back to swim? Dave Chappelle, whose comedic styling is often centered around weed, has brought us some of the most entertaining moments in television. Where would we be today without such catch phrases as “Wh-u-t?!?!” and “I’m Rick James, b***””? Dave is one of the most quoted men alive today.

Now, on the other hand, lets consider cocaine, weed’s nemesis. When Rick James abducted and tortured that girl, what was he on? Coke. When Ike was beating the crap outta Tina, what was he on? Coke. The most a weed head is going to do is gather in a room with other potheads, smoke a joint, get the munchies and fall asleep. On the odd occasion, they may have a chat about “crystal skulls”.

Meth, cocaine and crack should NEVER be legalized.

Don’t be fooled. The CEOs of huge companies, heads of HR departments, the top sales’ performer in YOUR company ALL SMOKE WEED. Are you going to lock up your best and brightest? Are you going to give them a record for no other reason than they were trying to get “inspired” to deal with another day at work? I think not.

and finally

The implications for world peace:
If all the world leaders got together, smoked a little bud, and worked out their differences, we’d pull out of Afghanistan faster than a high school boy trying not to…well, you know. I think Kim Jong Il could do with a fattie, personally. Might calm his little Korean self down.

And in case you’re wondering: NO, I don’t smoke myself. Up until last night, I had a strong stance against weed. But now I find myself in my third trimester and I do believe I have grown a lot… between last night (when I despised to substance) and this morning. Legalizing weed just might save the world. We should give it a shot.

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  1. Mike

    Dont get it twisted. If you live in Ghana and smoke smoke smoke Ghana weed, your wires will touch.
    Especially the one that used to be grown in the Achimota quarry.

  2. writerpro25

    Haha, I love your comment about how comedians would have a field day if the first black president opened up the pot trade in the US. I happened to have smoked weed in the same room that Obama did in college. http://stonerdiary.wordpress.com

    • Malaka

      And I suppose we can read all about it on the link that you surreptitiously added on the end of your comment? Only one way to find out!

  3. writerpro25

    Would you like to know more about Obama’s weed habits? I could certainly do some investigating and write about it on my blog if you would like. And my link was not surreptitiously added because I would like everyone to come see my blog yes, and I added it to the end of a legitimate comment on another blog, which is perfectly acceptable as I see it. =)

    • Malaka

      Nah. No need to investigate the Prez. All those guys in office are weed heads, crack heads and whore mongers anyway. Thanks for the offer though 🙂

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