Say what??

Shame on the Ghana Consulate in DC

When Sean Goldman’s father was in the midst of a 5 year international custody battle with his Brazillian ex-wife, his NJ rep stepped in and threatened a multi-million trade embargo with the country. When Laura Ling and Euna Lee were detained in North Korea, Bill Clinton negotiated for their return under international scrutiny. When Eric Frimpong, a university foot ball star and student from Ghana was woefully charged for the crime of rape that many people believe he did not commit, the entire Ghanaian consulate did nothing. They were as a whole, unresponsive and full of excuses, just like many of our officials back in Ghana.

I read an article penned by Joel Engel on Joel is investigating Eric’s case pro bono, and is more than convinced of his innocence after conducting his fact finding mission. I wrote Joel to thank him for his diligence and kindness, and this is what he said in response to my email:

Thank you for the kind words. As a Ghanaian, you should know that the G consulate in Washington D.C. was contacted at least a dozen times for help, financial or otherwise, and did absolutely nothing. Only two of those 12 times did anyone ever take the call, and both times the same gentleman, who wouldn’t give his name, promised to get “right back to” us. Nothing, nothing, nothing.

There’s no question in my mind that an ordinary public defender would have won this case. I’m not sure if Bob Sanger felt like he wasn’t being paid enough, or if he was so arrogant that he believed he was scoring points right and left. In any event, the lawyers and I are committed to righting the wrong.

I was not surprised by the treatment he experienced. A young man is languishing in prison, now going on his third year. As his life is hanging in the balance, the staff of the Ghanaian consulate are telling his supporters and investigators to “go and come”. I am thoroughly disgusted. I pray that no other Ghanaian national finds him/herself in the grips of the American judicial system without just cause, because you can believe that your government WILL NOT BE THERE TO HELP. In my opinion, the entire staff of the consulate are a bunch of stooges, holding their position only because of nepotism rather than merit.

Shame on the lot of you. SHAME!