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Month: March 2010


Dating Commercials are for SUCKERS

The other night I was watching TV and the standard foray of advertisements came on between segments of the show. You know how it goes: Laundry detergent featuring happy brunettes cheerily folding clothes; An athletic blond doing backhand springs while peddling vaginal applicators; Old men…

Lies on Tap

Have you ever had a person in your life that just lied their way through their daily  existence? I mean like every other sentence is just a straight up falsehood? We've all told our share of fibs, Lord knows I have; but I never knew…

For real? GOD told you that?

Maybe I'm not a "for real" Christian: I'm willing to concede that; but there are fewer phrases that make me cringe than "God told me to blah, blah, blah." Whenever I hear anybody, Christian or not, utter the words "God told me", my first thought…
Say what??

United Airlines goes to GH!

Oh my gosh. I was so giddy when I heard the news that a new airline would be offering service to Ghana. 6 or so years ago, when Delta began offering direct flights from NY to Accra, it was a huge deal. No longer would…

The Clean up Woman

Recognizing that I am not coping well with this whole 3 kids in 4 years and a 4th on the way thing, my husband has offered me something that no other man has given me before: maid service. "I have a surprise for you babe,"…

Chile, you obviously don't know me

I've figured out what makes raising kids so hard. It's not the messes they create, or the feeding schedules if they are infants, or the incessant questions if they are toddlers/pre-schoolers...it's the mere fact that you and your children are strangers to one another. It's true. Yes,…

Married sex ROCKS!

Caution! I beg you oooh. If you're not 18 or older, please close your eyes and open another browser. This post is not for small boys and girls. I was on the phone with Tem, my childhood best friend yesterday, and as usual our "So…
Say what??

Unwelcome at Esani

Two days ago I took my girls to the Esani Institute to get their hair washed, blow dried and ironed. My girls are Black...most of the students who work/study at Esani are not. But what do I care? From what I understand, they have all…

Can I hold $11,982?

Fact: 71% of all Black American babies are born to unwed mothers and will most likely grow up without the presence of their biological father. A quick polling of my top five friends confirmed this. 3 of those ladies grew up with a step-father, one…