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Month: April 2010

Say what??

Kindergarten Registration Fail

I'm one of those people who likes controlled spontaneity. However, when it comes to my children, I like to have a concrete course of action regarding their rearing. This is why I called the GA Department of Education last year to find out what elementary…

That's Right. Call Your Daddy.

Virtually every first time mom I know has the same complaint when it comes to their baby's first word. From Accra to Amsterdam, the first word a baby invariably utters is "daddy" in some shape or form. My Indian friend's children said "baba" first. My…

Happy Mother's Day, Punk!

I spent Mother's day 2009 much the same way I'll probably spend this one: Pregnant, fat and exhausted. What I'm hoping, however, is that my children will spare me the antics of last year's holiday for the 2010 version. As I lay in my bed…

Meet me at halfway to Piss OFF!

It's been a while since I've had to bitch about my douche-bag-baby-daddy, Courtney the Platypus; but in true form, he's back after 3-4 weeks, like a bad case of herpes. First, let me explain why he is now being referred to as a platypus. My…

The Boys are Back in Town

My little brother Sami recently went to Chicago for a bachelor party/dude's  night out. Being a first time tourist in the city, he said he had his head tilted backward looking up at the immense downtown from below. "We ate a lot," he said. "It…

A South African Love Affair

Ahhh, South Africa. S.A. South Africa means different things to many people depending on what era they were born in. For some, it's the Rainbow Nation. For others, it's the newest destination for the World Cup. As a more macabre individual, "South Africa" conjures up…

Chris' Wedding Speech

It was the day he had been waiting for since they broke up in 2005. Adj was finally getting married, and he was free to release all the woe and regret that had been building up and twisting in his heart for these last few…

In the Shadows of Black Molestation

When it comes to certain "unpleasant" topics, Black people willingly choose denial. As a people, we tend to categorize problems by race. "Only White people have Downs Syndrome" or "Only White fathers rape their daughters". 20 years ago "only White guys were gay". Sadly, we…

There Are No Bad Kids

I read somewhere that there are no bad employees, only bad managers. If someone takes the time to fill out an application, get dressed for an interview and show up for work every day (or most days), then they obviously want/need to work. When their…

Ode to my BFFFL

*OK, so this isn't really an "ode". Who has time to formulate rhyme, stanzas and onomatopoeia in 2010? Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah is my BFFFL. My Best Friend for Freakin' LIFE...ya heard? It's funny, but when you first meet someone, you never know what kind of…
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