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Month: June 2010


Milk From Mommy's Garden

As I was laying in the post -op recovery room last week, my guts just exposed to a room full of people not 20 minutes before, I looked over a saw a perky brunette surrounded by a gaggle of nurses. Her very skittish husband was…

Special Deliver-weave!!

(This is what it sounds like when doves cry) I've had 4 pregnancies in 6 years and every one of them has been unique. I've had preeclampsia, a placenta previa, a fetus suspected/diagnosed as having Down's Syndrome, and one regular term birth with no issues.…

New Mommy Blues

You know what the hardest part about becoming a new mom is? It's not the fact that you have this brand new life whose very survival is dependent upon your every breath; it's not the irrevocable change to every facet of your life that comes…

I'll Do ANYTHING For You!…'Cept That

Last night I was standing in the mirror, subconsciously looking for flaws (you know how it is, ladies). My husband was lying on the bed watching the Travel Channel in what he thought was going to be in relative peace. "Baaaaaaaaaaaabe!" I screeched. "Yes." "Do…

A Salute to all that Dads that DO.

This Father's Day, I am feeling uncharacteristically sentimental. Call it hormones if you will, but I appreciate real men and real fathers today. Instead of spending time blasting the sorry dad's that "don't...", I want to thank the dads that "do...". In a world where…

Errr…Hoo-hoo. Yeah.

Man, I struggled with what to call this post. Here are a couple of titles I contemplated: 1) Self-exploration and my 5 year old 2) Your hoo-hoo is supposed to look like that 3) For the love of Pete, don't scratch yourself down there! I…

Viva FIFA!!!

Man I love the World Cup!!!! It truly does bring out the best in human kind. There are so many emotions that come along with watching the games. Fury, Fear, Fervor, Friendship and any other f-ing adjective you can think of. Princes and paupers, pontiffs…


I know it's barely 8 o'clock in morning and by all accounts, I should be blogging about the most tremendous sporting event on the planet (which will kick off at 9:30 am - Go SA!!), but I woke up with bile in my mouth and…

De Corprit Shuffle

Take a good look at this face. LOOK.AT. IT! Does it offend you? Well it ought to. It offends me...and that's my mug painted over in black-face, scratching my head in apparent confusion. The source offense is not in the paint itself, but rather from…
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