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Special Deliver-weave!!

(This is what it sounds like when doves cry)

I’ve had 4 pregnancies in 6 years and every one of them has been unique. I’ve had preeclampsia, a placenta previa, a fetus suspected/diagnosed as having Down’s Syndrome, and one regular term birth with no issues.  In every instance, my hair has summed up the story of each pregnancy.

I had preeclampsia with my first born. ‘Preemclampsia’ is just a fancy medical term for ‘high blood pressure’, in case you were wondering. The antics of my first child’s biological father sent me into such a tail-spin that by week 32 of carrying the child, I was barely able to get through the day without popping 8 Tylenol by dinner. It was a terrible time, with days categorized by uncertainty and fear; and on the day I had an emergency C-Section to save both my and my daughter’s life, I indeed looked terrible. I call this look Dramatic & Traumatic.

My daughter’s conception and birth were unplanned and unexpected. As such, I did not make the time to get my hair done in anticipation of her arrival. The whole affair was flown by the seat of my pants, and you can see the ‘dramatic’ results in the picture above. Coincidentally, my first born is a true pure bred drama queen.

My second pregnancy was an absolute breeze – classic text book. It was predictable and pleasant, as is my next child. I made sure that my hair was cornrowed in a practical and easily maintainable style. There were no surprises and again, the hair tells the story. My little Ayako is a predictable and dependable child, just like that set of cornrows. Again, the child modeled the hair. Could this be a trend? Hmmm…

My son was the one with whom I had the previa. He refused to be detached from my uterus, and my OB had to dive in and cut his placenta off my muscle walls. For his delivery, I had chosen to get my natural hair pressed so that he might run his tiny little newborn hands through it if he so wished. It’s only natural that little boys want to be as close to their mommas as possible (especially those raised in the South), so again the hair fit the child. And make no mistake – my son is embedded in my very hip! This straight press (or what was left of the straightness after an hour in delivery) is called…drum roll…It’s Only Natural!

And finally, finally, we come to my little Liya, born just this past Thursday. Liya was named after Liya Kebede, the model and Goodwill Ambassador. She is also the child that my practice’s geneticist declared to have Down’s Syndrome,  measuring way smaller than her peers in utero, and could never get an accurate read on her age during gestation. As our son was meant to be our last child, her conception came as something as a surprise. (It’s been suggested we read the book Where Do Babies Come From?) Yes – yes this child was special, and for her grand entrance into the world, I too had to herald her with a special hairstyle. So I went out and spent 6 hours in a chair to get a weave, now affectionately termed as my Deliver-Weave. I went full glam for my last girl!  I even sprung for human hair, and for anyone who knows me, that’s generally out of the question: I do synthetic because I AM CHEAP.

What type of personality this child will have, I do not know. I’ve only known her outside of the womb for 3 days. But if she follows the trend set by her siblings and her alloted, distinct hair style, she’ll be a woman of class, refinement, beauty and surprises. In other words, the antithesis of her mom.

Welcome to the world Liya!

And P.S.: The docs were all wrong. She is a healthy 6 lbs baby with a perfect set of long legs and almond shaped eyes. Medical technology really bites sometimes.

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  1. Nana Darkoa

    Wow – I am glad that the Down’s syndrome prediction was wrong. You are such a trooper. You never even mentioned it.

    • Malaka

      Yeah. I didn’t see the point in putting everyone into hysterics over the D.S. diagnosis until she was born. They also told my sister that her baby had trisomy 18 and that if he DID live, it wouldn’t be beyond a year. They were going to discuss ‘termination’ options with both of us, and if we had been hasty I would have killed the only child that looks like me (for a change) and I would have no ally to play practical jokes on my sister with. Stupid doctors.

  2. Sangima

    That’s why I didn’t even bother doing that stupid blood test….you look like a glamour queen in that delivery room – Liya will be blessed.

  3. runrettarun

    Congratulations on your little girl! For some reason I thought you were newly pregnant not almost ready to pop! You are indeed a warrior. And you look beautiful in your deliver-weave. 🙂

    I’m sorry you had such rough pregnancies! Modern medicine does suck sometimes!

  4. Malaka

    Sangi – Dude!!! I usually don’t do those test for this very reason but my doc confused me by calling it some fancy name. So I said “yeah. Sure. Whatever.” Spent the last 7 months in mental agony thinking my child had DS and trying to plan out a proper life for her and the fam.

    Retta – Girl. I can see how you would be easily confused. I’m pregnant 80% of the year, EVERY year. Thanks for the congrats!

    I’m sure my weave is courtesy of some nice Asian lady who sold it at 15 cents per strand. Thank you Asian ladies for your contribution to my attempt at going glam. 😉

  5. Misty

    You did well, Malaka!
    They seem to be giving out 6 lb baby girls like candy these days- had one myself just 5 weeks ago!
    The medical staff classified me an elderly mother since I am over 35 (and no, I am not 40 either), and nearly wouldn’t provide me medical care when I refused to take those crazy blood tests and ultrasounds. I schooled for 2 years to be a midwife and kept nil about it during this pregnancy. I was in control- or at least I thought I was until I had to have an emergency c-section because the cord was wrapped under her arms and around her neck. I gave those folks a run for their money and they won’t forget my name anytime soon!
    Thank the Lord, Joy is here and healthy. Maybe one day these girls may meet each other and talk about how crazy their mothers are!

    • Malaka

      Well congratulations to YOU Misty! Honestly, I don’t know why these docs worry us mothers so much. One of my best friends was 18 when her mother gave birth to her last brother. She was (obviously) well over 35. There is no reason to run a woman through a battery of tests and make her feel like a villain for having a baby when she’s darn good and ready!

      Yes indeed. Our girls must surely meet up one day to discuss how insane their mothers are. 🙂 SO glad everything turned out well for you.

  6. runrettarun

    Awww. I’m so glad my people helped you feel and look glam. Come to OK some time. I might give you a mani/pedi/wax/fill in the blank & also cook you dinner in my salon kitchen. 😉

    • Malaka

      Only if that salon kitchen has the requisite display of offerings of fruit and incense with the ceramic cat with his paw raised… And the Vietnamese stage drama playing on the TV in the background.

  7. runrettarun

    Girl, you know it!

  8. Stella

    Hey Ma! Congrats on having Liya and I am thankful that she is healthy. I love the pics esp the last one. Very sexy pose; you look great! Take care and much love to you and your family.

  9. Enormous

    Lovely post! Your authenticity and openness is so refreshing. Thanks for sharing!

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