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I'm Sorry

It’s been almost a week since I could bring myself to write anything. I have been sick with heart ache since Ghana “lost” to Uruguay last week in the World Cup. Inspiration, joy and the desire to write a single sentence left me momentarily.

But Ise back now! It still hurts, but the pain has been lessened  by the thrashing that the Dutch meted out against those volley ball playing Uru-guys a few days ago. Thank you Dutch boys.


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  1. Nana Ama

    Same here! I cheered the Dutch on till I was hoarse! Not because I like the Dutch, but for beating Uruguay who doused our dreams of keeping the Cup in Africa. (We have Dutch blood in my family , now thoroughly thinned out, on my mother’s side, seven generations back. My half Dutch ancestor was called Yaa Broni, one of the ‘lucky’ kids born as a result of rape, before the ships came to collect their human cargo to the New World!)

    The English definitely take the Cup for ‘force-skinning’ (now that is a literal translation from Fanti, meaning trying too hard to reflect other people’s glory on yourself). There is an octopus in an Aquarium in Germany which apparently has been foretelling accurately, the outcome of games in this year’s World Cup. An article in one of the papers today, referred to the ‘English-born’ octopus…*&^%$*!!! I’ll forward the article to you. Pathetic!

  2. Malaka

    I, like you, cheered my heart out! Did you see the t-shirts that the Africans were wearing that said “Any team but Uruguay”? Loved it!!

    Hmmm…now wildlife have nationalities too?? I saw the article yesterday. Put no stock into that tidbit of “information” at all!

    Ohh!! Yaa ‘Broni’. What a tragic story. I have no words for that. It’s a touchy subject for me.

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