I'm Your Bigot


I am SO sick of American political correctness. There used to be a time when people could engage in conversation, say what they mean (and mean what they say), listen to the other guy’s opinion and politely agree to disagree. End of discussion.


Now, if I  didn’t vote for Obama and I happened to be White, I’m a racist. I’f I’m Black, I’m a sell out. If I espouse that illegal aliens ought to return to their country of origin and then come back LATER and enter the country legally, I’m a racist. If I agree with something Glenn Beck says, I’m a racist (or a sell out, or an Uncle Tom). If I say plainly (as the Bible does) that a gay lifestyle is a sin before God, I’m a homophobe. The Bible also says (plainly) that it’s a sin to have sex out of wedlock (and that includes animals), but I don’t get called a name for pointing that out as well, do I. So what? I can’t say what’s true because it might “offend” some minority or special interest group? Well let me help everyone out.


That’s right. Before you can label me, I’ll label myself with your weak description. The word racist has been thrown out so much now it doesn’t even hold weight anymore. Who cares if anyone is a “racist”? If you have a differing opinion with anyone of a dissimilar background, you are suddenly intolerant and  – *shudder* – racists.

Gimme a friggin’ break.

And now this mosque thing.

Do Muslims have a right to build that mosque 2 blocks from Ground Zero? Abso-stinkin-lutey. This is America. If they pay market price for the property and have the crew and materials to set up a structure, they can do whatever they like. The question is: Should they?

Let me put it to you this way. Building a place of worship that salutes the religion under whose banner the worst terror attack on American soil to date has taken place is a little more than insulting. It’s the equivalent of the Klan blowing up the King Center and then building a massive, lavish Klan rally center on the ashes. – But wait! Everyone is welcome to use the facility if they like.

Before all my Muslim and friends sympathetic to Islam get on my nuts about that analysis – let me say it for you: I’M A BIGOT.

I am totally intolerant of this intolerance for debate, which all too often quickly degenerates into name calling and mud slinging. Allow me to save you the trouble. I’m already rolling around in the muck.