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Month: September 2010


Tastes Like Milk of Magnesia

Last night I sank to a new low in my motherhood experience. A friend of mine has graciously allowed me to use her home for the remainder of my stay in Ghana. It has done A WORLD of difference for my countenance. My father also…

“Breaking” a Beggar

Break, def: to “block”; to thwart; to speak disparagingly of to a third party in order to completely ruin a person’s lofty goals. Last Saturday I went to the Accra Mall with the girls so that they could play in the outdoor playground and to…


I don't even know how to title this post. "Oh" says it all. Please allow me elucidate on the circumstances that threaten to bring me to total grief. Anyone who knows my father knows that he is anti-house help. He grew up washing his own…

What is YOUR 3 year old reading?

*Shaking my head in shame* I have always known that the American primary education system was failing students across the country, but today, I got a rude awakening as to HOW FAR this failure goes. Whenever a child learns to read by the age of…

Chasing Chickens

Although she's had a harder time adjusting to life in Ghana, my oldest daughter Nadjah has begun to receive all the benefits that I'd hoped she would. She's learning to listen, not to talk back to adults, to be a little kinder - and most…

A Day Spent With Friends

This Thursday I had the pleasure of having brunch at Café Dez Amis with my Auntie Obi – that’s the Hon. Minister Oboshie Sai Cofie to the rest of you. I got there around 10 am with my two oldest girls and ordered breakfast while…

The Splendor of Mrs. Sonaike

If all marriages started out with an engagement like Big Nan’s, no one would ever get divorced. ‘Big Nan’ is my nickname for one of my oldest and closest friends, Nana Koranteng; because she does everything big: House real big, cars real big, grades real…

Sweat, Ice Water, Sleep

It’s hot in this country. I sweat. I drink loads of water. I have trouble sleeping. Today marks a week I’ve been in Ghana. I have to confess, I didn’t think I was going to make it. By day 4, I was ready to tuck…
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