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Month: October 2010


Ghana Ghost Stories

Let me tell you something about Mama Africa. She is a HARD parent. She will force you to do certain things; whether you yield to those things willingly or are beaten into submission is up to you. By all means, YOU WILL WALK in Africa.…

Lady's Shades n' Slangs

Accra - 1977 Kwasi: Ei. Rex. You are back. Akwaaba. Rex: Yerhs! I jess gort balk into tern tha oddar der. Kwasi (confused): Uhhh...Ok. Oh! How is your mother? Rex: Orh! *Hahaha*! Sher's foine, y'knaw? Yerhs. Doin' rally well. *Heheheh*! Kwasi (annoyed): Chaley, Rex. In…

The Fockery of Delta Airlines

This is an open letter to Delta Airlines, those bloody douche bag wankers. To: The head dude/dudess at Delta Re: An extraordinary customer experience. Dear Delta Airlines, I am writing to congratulate you for assembling a staff that provided me with extraordinary customer service this…

Purple Squirrel in a Pathfinder

A purple squirrel is a mythical creature; a being of lore. Something that has peculiar characteristics (like purple fur), but for the most part can still be identified as a squirrel. It's kinda like a unicorn. Last Monday a woman in black cloth and a black hajib approached me at…

$4 Paper Towels

Last night I almost threw up at the pharmacy counter. The baby had run out of diapers, and my father requested that I bring a pack home. I only had 40 GHc left in my wallet for the week, and it was going to take…


Hei! It has taken me up till this week to get in step with the way technology works in Ghana. Cell phone conversations are fast, internet connections are slow, TV stations end their transmissions (albeit it briefly until the generator kicks on) when the lights go…


This weekend, I spent the most amazing time in Akosombo with my BFFFL (Best Friend For Frikkin' Life!), Nana Darkoa. Her Rotary club was conducting a 5K sponsored walk to benefit children. What those benefits were, I do not know, because there was no mention of…

Part 2: Perpetually Insane

This past Saturday, the girls and I took a trip to Takoradi. El asked if Perpetual was coming along to be of some help and I told her no. I wasn't sure what our accommodations would be like. It was just as well, because El needed Perpetual's…

A Perpetual Saga

Since coming to Ghana, I have become addicted to Nigerian dramas. They are my guilty pleasures, with story lines that by mandate must feature a mixture of at least two of the following: a ghost, a death, a robbery, a pregnancy, an arrest, a fight…
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