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Month: November 2010


From Baby to Buddy

Oh My GAWD!! Somebody help me!! Somebody took my baby!!! My baby is GONE!!!! I left my baby and went to Ghana for only seven weeks. He was a sweet cuddly boy, whose only ambition at the time was to procure a warm cup of…
Say what??

Jive Turkey!

This week my grandmother-in-law threw her middle finger in my face. I mean, she totally flipped me and my family 'the bird.' And by 'bird', I of course don't mean a cuddly, colorful parrot used for entertaining guests. In the 14+ years that I have…
Say what??

It's My Blog-a-versary!

Today I've been blogging on M.O.M for a year. *Insert the fanfare and naked acrobatics here!* Of course there was cake, but my children decimated it before I could get a picture of it. For my one first blog-a-versary, I tought it would be fitting…

I Too Was Raped by The TSA

Okay. So I wasn't raped, but that airport worker's hands had gone far enough into my pants to find my 'second virginity' and snatch it from me. All this hoopla in the media this week about full body scanners and patdowns just reminded me of…

My Husband and I Share Grey Matter

Married people: Don't you just LOVE it when you and your spouse are just clicking? If you've been married a day over 5 years, you know what I'm talking about. Like when you finish each other's sentences; or set a drink of water on the…

Confession of a Weak Minded Woman

There are a bunch of little boys out there getting Black women pregnant and dipping; it's really starting to make me angry. You, Azania Olezene, Lakieshia Jones, James Holcomb and 2 others like this.   KSTell why are these Black women dealing with "little boys"? …

Lessons From A 5 yr Old

Black Eye trans: a.k.a asalla/azoh. A Ghanaian term for a retort so sharp that the recipient is rendered speechless. A mythical Ghanaian man will then jump out of the bushes, fist over agape mouth and cry "Oooooohhh!!!" when the 'black eye' has been delivered. *********…

Midnight at the Grant House

Like all multicellular organisms, my house has several parts that keep it running. The hum of the fridge; the glow of our lights; the infernal dripping of a leaky faucet or running toilet all indicate that there is life buzzing inside the modest structure. But…
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