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Say what??

Am I over the Hill?

I got back to Atlanta two weeks ago, turned on the TV, and was confronted with a horrible reality: Comcast had changed our service. Many of my beloved channels are GONE.

You know, when they took away G4 a year ago, they took with it my nightly 4 hour Star Trek marathon. And I was upset.

Then they removed Showtime from our standard package and I thought I might have a coronary.

Now…NOW they have taken away, in one felled swoop, the Hallmark Channel, the TV Guide channel AND TCM. Now that’s just un-American! That’s cruel! That’s uncalled for!! How am I to survive without Little House on the Prairie, American Idol: Rewind and snap shots of the lives of prolific actors like Gene Kelly? How I say?

As I sat on my couch this afternoon, watching Fox News and mourning the unanticipated loss of good ol’ American programming, a sudden and very alarming thought came to me: Am I over the hill? I’m only 32…why am I so very distressed that I will be missing out on what mischief l’il Laura Ingles might be getting into today?Why am I trying to live in the 80’s?

Oh My God. I’ve become that ashy old Black woman who refuses to comb her hair and spies on her neighbors through the window while languishing in her stained terrycloth morning coat, haven’t I? You know – the one who reeks of coffee, cigarettes and old bacon grease? Is this how it all ends for me?

Well, I’m not going down without a fight. I’m going to end this fight with the cable company with my dignity intact. Instead of calling Comcast to see what deals they have, I’m going to cancel their crappy service altogether. I see no reason to reward their shoddy service by paying the MORE to get the SAME as what I had before. Nope. Not this kid.

Who knows? Maybe since I’ll be watching (far) less TV, I may even get started on that book I’ve been thinking of writing since 2004…How many years have I wasted in front of the TV anyway?

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  1. Nana Darkoa

    You go girl! TV is a waste of time, apart from when I’m on it xxx

  2. David S.

    In 10 years time, Comcast will be gone, and most if not all Tv will be web -based. You’re children’s children will grow up not even knowing the concept of waiting for your show to come on at a certain time.

  3. Malaka

    LOL!!! Oh David. What crazy ideas you have. No TV in the future. Pshaw! You speak as though the earth was round or something.
    No TV. *Giggle!*

    But seriously, Comcast must DIE.

    And yes, TV is only worth watching when Sisi is on a show, and the first question out of the interviewers mouth is: How many times a week do you have sex?

    Now THAT’S classic entertainment!

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