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Month: December 2010


Maimed for Beauty

  (Slhore trans: Slut + whore) In ‘primitive’ cultures around the world, women disfigure themselves in the name of beauty. We have our necks stretched with copper/brass coils in Thailand; our lips stretched with clay and/or wood plates in parts of Africa and South America;…
Say what??

Contractor Status

Say what you will about being a contractor: It’s short term; they can cut your project at any time; it’s unstable; there are no health benefits; blah blah BLAH! For all the negatives, I can rebut with a good number of positives: The autonomy, the…

On Screen!

Our house must’ve been one of the few homes in America that did not have a gaming system.  Well, that’s not entirely true. Last Christmas, my husband gleefully brought home his circa 1992 Nintendo gaming console (complete with a vintage Street Fighter cartridge) that had…

The Origins of Ol' St Nick

I have no words. Ladies and Gentlemen, from the mind of my little brother, Sami Gyekye, I present to you this intriguing Christmas tale: The birth of Santa Clause. On the very first Christmas, four Wise Men set off to deliver gifts to the baby…

Your Confidence is a Fragrance

Men despise things that are easily acquired - The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana Ladies: If your confidence is a fragrance, then your desperation is a stench. This is a loose deduction from the above statement, but you’ll see where I’m going with this pretty quickly.…

Man Enough to Hold Her Purse

One of my absolute favorite couples is Steve and Mia Stewart. She’s a no nonsense HR professional and he’s one of Atlanta’s finest. (For all my international readers who are not familiar with this term, that means he’s a cop – not that I am…

Office Drama

Clearly I’ve been out of corporate America for far too long. Since I was laid off at the end 2008 and said “screw it” to trying to find a regular office gig, I’ve mastered the nuances of stay-at-home mom drama. At the end of the…

Ringlets, Ruffles and Pink Stockings

Ahhh Chrit-mah time. It truly is the MOST wonderful time of the year. Now that I have children who are in elementary school, part of that wonder is getting to watch them perform on stage. -Enter- The Church Christmas Play/Extravaganza Ever since Nadjah was a…

Bedroom Games

The phrase “bedroom games” means something different to you at every stage of your marriage and/or relationship with a significant other. When you’re a newlywed, it will most likely be construed as an exciting event, with two lovers getting hot and heavy under the covers.…

Christmas Fun

Every family has its own set of time honored Christmas traditions and rituals (if they are fortunate enough not to have the holiday cancelled by an over-zealous matriarch) that are performed year-after-year. It’s what keeps college students coming home, and if the traditions are particularly…
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