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Month: January 2011


Libilibi Labalabalaba Konkonsa

Konkonsa: translation – to gossip; a gossiper Konkonsa is the act of eavesdropping, rearranging the gathered data, and disseminating it to an unintended audience. Most children are not konkonsa…but many are masters of lapore , meaning they love to tell on other children (and in…

In Life There ARE Losers

My daughter Nadjah is overly obsessed with comparisons. “Mommy? Who crawled the fastest when they were babies?” she often asks. “I dunno, sweetie.” “Mommy? Who cried the loudest?” “I’d have to say Liya,” I generally reply. “Mommy? Who was the messiest eater? Who pooped the…
Say what??

Juror No. 5

I was already pissed off because I had to take a day off from work and lose 8 hours’ worth of wages for the week. Coming off the heels of a fabulous birthday and birthday weekend, the news that I had been selected for jury…

I Shot the Sheriff for My Birthday

Today I turn 33. Unlike my 30th birthday, this day is not filled with dread, fear and loathing. I’ve embraced my age; and while I have not embraced my body, I know that I am in a position to change it. Unlike the morning of my…

Daniel’s Fast Breath

  Every New Year’s Day, my church begins the year with a 21 day Daniel’s fast. It’s based on Daniel 1:8-14: “But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine, and he asked the chief official for permission not to defile…

BIG Feet

Last Sunday I bought a new pair of shoes from Aerosoles at DSW where I work. I’d been eyeing them all summer long and they had finally gone on the discount/clearance rack. To my disappointment, there were none in my size – 9 ½, but…

Lay Off Amy Chua

Last week the whole e-Parenting world was abuzz and ablaze after an excerpt of Amy Chau’s book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother was printed by the WSJ under the title “Why Chinese Mothers Superior.” In it, Ms. Chua describes how she would make her…

Prose for My Period

After a 3 year continuous stretch of either being pregnant and/or nursing a baby, I finally got my first period. Yay. I am now reminded that I hate my period, and that it in return must hate me. This hate-hate relationship has inspired me to…
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