BIG Feet

Last Sunday I bought a new pair of shoes from Aerosoles at DSW where I work. I’d been eyeing them all summer long and they had finally gone on the discount/clearance rack. To my disappointment, there were none in my size – 9 ½, but they were SO cute that I begrudgingly took them in a 10.

“I’ll just have to flop around in them,” I thought.

To my surprise, the 10s fit…perfectly. It suddenly dawned on me: I’m NOT a 9 ½ anymore! I’m a 10. Ugh! Since I’ve had kids, my feet have gone from a 9, to a 9 Wide, to a 9 ½ and ultimately to a whopping 10. Good thing Liya is my last baby, or else you could track me through the forest with my Sasquatch sized soles.

Marshall likes to joke (or at least I think he’s joking) that I ‘collect’ shoes. I do NOT collect shoes. I have an appreciation for them as art and I do my best to give them a good home in my closet. Many of them have never been worn or had the tags taken off. That’s adoption, not collection.

Seeing that the 9s, 9 Wides and NOW 9.5s no longer fit my feet and need to give way to their larger counterparts, I am faced with a dilemma. What do I do with my babies?? A conversation on Facebook provided the answer. Good old Facebook – solving the world’s problems one post at a time.

I’m going to have a “I got pregnant and now my feet have gone from a size 9 – 10 and can’t fit these shoes anymore so come and buy these shoes at a steeeep discount” sale. The proceeds will go towards funding our move to South Africa. I think I will throw in a couple of the bags and clutches I’ve adopted over the years. I have good friends. They will find good homes, I’m sure. J

But hey! If you’ve ever been preggers: Do your feet shrink back…or am I destined to wear the same sized shoe as Clint Eastwood forever? Tell me there’s hope…!