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BIG Feet

Last Sunday I bought a new pair of shoes from Aerosoles at DSW where I work. I’d been eyeing them all summer long and they had finally gone on the discount/clearance rack. To my disappointment, there were none in my size – 9 ½, but they were SO cute that I begrudgingly took them in a 10.

“I’ll just have to flop around in them,” I thought.

To my surprise, the 10s fit…perfectly. It suddenly dawned on me: I’m NOT a 9 ½ anymore! I’m a 10. Ugh! Since I’ve had kids, my feet have gone from a 9, to a 9 Wide, to a 9 ½ and ultimately to a whopping 10. Good thing Liya is my last baby, or else you could track me through the forest with my Sasquatch sized soles.

Marshall likes to joke (or at least I think he’s joking) that I ‘collect’ shoes. I do NOT collect shoes. I have an appreciation for them as art and I do my best to give them a good home in my closet. Many of them have never been worn or had the tags taken off. That’s adoption, not collection.

Seeing that the 9s, 9 Wides and NOW 9.5s no longer fit my feet and need to give way to their larger counterparts, I am faced with a dilemma. What do I do with my babies?? A conversation on Facebook provided the answer. Good old Facebook – solving the world’s problems one post at a time.

I’m going to have a “I got pregnant and now my feet have gone from a size 9 – 10 and can’t fit these shoes anymore so come and buy these shoes at a steeeep discount” sale. The proceeds will go towards funding our move to South Africa. I think I will throw in a couple of the bags and clutches I’ve adopted over the years. I have good friends. They will find good homes, I’m sure. J

But hey! If you’ve ever been preggers: Do your feet shrink back…or am I destined to wear the same sized shoe as Clint Eastwood forever? Tell me there’s hope…!

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  1. Toyah

    If that’s what happens to your feet when you are pregnant, then I need to adopt!

  2. Malaka

    Ch-yeah! Girl you have no where else to grow! LOLOL!!

  3. Sarah

    NOOOOOO! Don’t sell. Sounds like you loooove shoes. I loooove shoes but probably do not have close to the collection you do: lack of funds and choices here. Your feet could go back to old size. You have JUST had your last kid, they can shrink. Might go with some weight over time. Mine have gone back to normal, more or less. Am hoping for some more shrinkage now that I am on a diet!! Keep those babies!

  4. Malaka

    It’s too late Sarah! The decision has been made. We’re going to have a shoe party with chocolate, shoes, pastries, shoes, and yet more shoes! Wish you could be here.

  5. David S.

    Aeish!! Then I fear for my little sister if she has children. She’s an 11, and she already sometimes has trouble finding her size.

  6. runrettarun

    I thought mine would stay an 8 but they did eventually shrink after weight loss back to my pre-pregnancy days of a 7.

  7. Morocco

    Hmmm, mine stayed the same size while I was pregnant and I gained well over 50 pounds.

  8. Khadija

    Mines went from a size 7 to 8.5 wide. When I lose weight I notice my shoe size decreases.

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