Say what??

Chick-fil-a: What Makes America Great!

I am easily impressed. Unless an individual or corporation makes a deliberate and obvious attempt at epic failure (like those douche water enema bags Delta Airlines), I generally find the good in most people and services. But this week, Chick-fil-a hit it out of the park. I mean they just went above and beyond!

If you look at the bottom of your receipt, there is often a little line that offers you a free chicken sandwich if you participate in a brief survey. I’ve seen this offer for years and have ignored it…until Monday. I took 10 minutes of my day to fill out the survey and got a promo code right afterward.


So there I was during my lunch hour, skeptically prepared to inform the drive-through cashier that I have this 6 digit code that would somehow magically give me a free sandwich. I stared nervously at my receipt, sure that she would mock me for believing that that was a ‘real’ promotion. And then I noticed something else:

Text CFA317 to 411714 to get offers on specials and discounts!

Could it be true? Only one way to find out.


Immediately I got a text back that instructed me to show this message to the cashier and I would get a free yoghurt parfait.


I gave the cashier my order. So as not to appear a total cheap a**, I ordered a small fry. The total cost of my meal? $1.47…for a chicken sandwich, a parfait with FRESH strawberries, and a pack of fries.

And THAT ladies and gents is what makes America great. When a company does what say they are going to do and goes out of its way to ensure your loyalty, you’ve got a winner folks. Nothing tastes as good as free; And America is about FREEDOM.

Do you know what happens if you try to press in a promo code for a ‘free’ item in Ghana?

*Whispering* -> Absolutely nothing.

Wait, that’s not true. You get billed for sending the text… and THEN you get nothing in return.  

Freedom is out there people. You just have to look around and take it. Sometimes, it’s floating around in the bottom of your purse on a wrinkled receipt.

*Whispering harshly*-> Look for it. Grab it. Love it. Mmmmm…tasty freedom.

Chick-fil-a, I salute you. You are a shining example of the American dream come true. God Bless America. God Bless Chick-fil-a!


There are tears in my eyes, and ketchup stains on my shirt.