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Say what??


I have nothing to write about today.

The people on my job have sucked the life, creativity and sanity out of me.

When I leave these walls, the only thing I’ll be grateful for is that I have not been raped by my co-workers.

But that’s really no consolation… I’ll be getting (violently) raped by the pump on my way home.

Stupid $3.50 gas.

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  1. David S.

    You already know I am anti-so, so it won’t suprise you to hear me say that when I walk around the office, I take my mp3 player with me and put on my headphones on so I won’t have to talk to people. But I am not suggesting you start doing that. After all how many blogs have been inspired by the craziness you see around your office? They may be killing, your spirit, but give them some time. They will have you in stiches again before you know it.

    • Malaka

      No matter how hard I tried, I could never achieve your level of anti-so. You’re the master.

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