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International Women’s Advice

It’s International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the accomplishments of women everywhere…I think. I haven’t actually researched the holiday (is this actually a “holiday”?).

As my contribution to this day to celebrate women, I offer you some advice that I have received from other women that have aided me tremendously thus far:

Don’t wear underwear that is too tight – They will give you a yeast infection

Always marry a man who loves you a little more than you love him.

Shea butter is good for cooking, hair dressing and skin oiling.

If you see your best friend’s husband/boyfriend cheating on her, don’t say a word to either of them – Open the palm of your hand and let your fingers do the talking as they slap him across the face.

Always carry 2 sanitary napkins – One of for you and one for another woman who may need it.

If you must drown your sorrows in food, at least make the investment to get the best chocolate/ice cream/pie that you can afford. Why waste the calories on crap?

No one can treat you badly if you’re not there to allow them to treat you badly.

Keep a pair of heels AND flats in the back seat of your car.

Even if you can’t cook, learn how to prepare one signature dish that sets you apart from everyone else.

Don’t be too proud to play the ‘damsel in distress’…even if you must play it for other women.

Learn the locations and definitions of distributor cap, spark plugs, brake pads, struts and oil filter.

Always keep a little money stashed away in secret.

If the price of coffee increases exponentially, redirect your funds from your daily cup of coffee to coffee stocks.

Don’t pop your white heads.

Ashy ankles, elbows and knuckles are not attractive. God made Jergens for that very reason. (*Caroline’s pet peeve)


I want to hear: What’s the best womanly advice you’ve ever been given?

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  1. fabdogooder

    Yasss!! Brilliant advice from a brilliant woman.
    this one is for me—> “Even if you can’t cook, learn how to prepare one signature dish that sets you apart from everyone else.”

  2. Brenda

    Be a cook in the kitchen,
    a diplomat in the living room
    and a b in bed.

  3. NM

    Love them all! LOL @ the jergens bit! That’s right; I am just as culpable if my friend walks out of her house looking like she immersed herself (feet especially) in some sort of powder. Not on my watch!

    Best advice: Think fast, speak slowly. Cuts down the # ‘foot in the mouth’ moments.

  4. Morocco

    My great Aunt Polly used to always tell us “Don’t let the right hand know what your left hand is doing.” I had NO idea what she was talking about then, lol

  5. Rasheeda

    Goodness so many gems… Hmmm Best womanly advice…”You are not overdressed, everyone else is underdressed, wear what you feel good in”

  6. Khadija

    I love it! I would add love yourself, forgive yourself, take care of yourself, receive compliments graciously, and strip naked in front of the mirror once a week and tell yourself I love you, blow yourself a kiss and give yourself a big hug. None of these acts are being selfish but rather essential to becoming a full bonafide woman in your own right. Hola!

  7. Malaka

    Excellent advice ladies! 🙂

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