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My Last Blog Entry

Dear Readers:

I’ve come to a really tough decision today. This is going to be my last blog entry. I’ll be shutting down M.O.M come tomorrow.

The blog has been a huge part of my daily life

Ah, screw it. I’m not going to give a sappy, ridiculous explanation. Who even cares? Thanks for sticking with me this last year and a half. Have a prosperous 2011.


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  1. saturday

    You are lying. don’t, dont dont dont dont

  2. fabdogoder

    ?? Why, oh why?

  3. AS

    All good things must come to an end. What better time to go – leave the audience wanting more. I’m sure your creative genius mind will come up with something even more juicy!

    Good luck girl and get the brain cranking!
    Hmm, what happened to a world where I have to google each word I type to make sure it has no double meaning. Sod it. Get those clogs turning.

  4. Khadija

    Are you serious?!!!

  5. Misty

    Awww, cmon! I thought we had something together! You made me keep up with my blog and my blog is a whole lot lamer than yours!!
    No, really, sniff, sniff. If you have to go then remember that you put tears of laughter in my eyes and I had to cover the children’s ears sometimes when I read it out loud, but you made us all happy.
    Love ya!

  6. sangima

    Did you post this blog in error? Because I just know you ain’t gonna close up shop on us and give us a one or two closing liners without a real good reason. It’s time for a revolution!

  7. Michelle

    belated april fools right?

  8. Mom Five Times

    That was abrupt! Say it ain’t so!!!!

  9. Morocco

    Awww, dang, I’m gonna miss you girl… I really liked entering the mind of Malaka!
    Best wishes and God bless!

  10. Kaye_dz

    This explanation is unacceptable. We shall set up a kangaroo court and put you on trial for “refusal to share”, “Blogging under false pretenses (you said you’d be here forever)”, “deception of your readership” .

    I invite your readers to level more accusations against you!

  11. Kaye_dz

    You know what… that was a deeem foolish joke!! I didn;t see the new post and was all like aooooooo this girl, why? You want to April Toque us, 3 days after the official and accepted day of fooling? Hmmm .. Onyame mpe sisie = God doesn’t like people being had.

  12. Malaka

    LOL!!! Sorry guys! I had to do it so that everyone could experience the emotions of the toque.

    @Kaye: God Himself is a trickster. Consider the platypus 😉

  13. Malaka

    But in all seriousness, it’s good to know that IF that day comes, I’ll be well missed by both my virtual and real life friends.

  14. stella rambiki horace

    eh malaka, you know we love you oh. you had me fooled for a while but i am glad you are back.

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