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He Needs My Loving in the Morning

It started with a sudden moan that progressively got loader and loader that culminated with him screaming my name. As I pulled him closer to me, he wrapped his legs tighter around my waist, burying his face into my breasts. He would be denied neither attention nor affection. As we rocked and swayed together in twilight, he sighed his contentment, our eyes locking in the soft glow of the moon.

Disturbed by the unnatural bouncing on the mattress at 2:30 am, his father groggily uttered a suggestion.

“Maybe he’s hungry and thirsty.”

I glanced back into Stone’s eyes and wearily hoisted his 40 lbs weight onto my hip and carried him downstairs. His incessant screams of “Mommeee! Mommmeeeee!!!!” had assured that I would be denied sleep for the remainder of the night anyway, so I may as well have attended to his needs. My only comfort was that he had miraculously failed to waken his sisters with his shrill screeches.

After tripping over toys and shoes in the darkness, I finally made my way to the kitchen where I sat him on the counter. He kicked his feet in glee. He munched contentedly on Wheat Thins and cold milk, still refusing to sleep. Every attempt to place him back in his crib was met with a whimper of protest and a tightening of his hands around my neck. An hour later and I had made no progress.

And all this before I was scheduled to work a 15 hour day between my two jobs.

  As I looked into the adorable brown eyes of my son, the title of a book I wanted desperately to read to him kept flashing across the bill board of my mind. In truth, it was the title itself I wanted to mutter at him in the darkness, but the little decency that resides within me prevented it.  

If my son really loved me, this is exactly what he would have done last night. Have a great weekend everyone. I have a long day ahead of me m’self.

Bet you thought I was talking about something or SOMEONE else, huh? 😉


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  1. runrettarun

    I saw that book and totally want to get it! The chirrun never realize we need our rest. 😉 Hope the day isn’t too rough on ya!

  2. Malaka

    Girl, the only thing that’s keeping me going at this point is AC/DC and caffeine. I still have to go to DSW from 6-10 after I get off at 5. I’m going to be a delirious wreck.
    And I agree with you: This book is a must-buy for ALL parents. We’re not machines! We need sleep too!!

  3. Khadija

    Hey Malaka,

    I just noticed that we are not friends on Facebook anymore and I was wondering why. Did I say or do something that offended you? My email address is if you want to discuss. I’m sorry if I offended you in any way and please know that I would never deliberately do so.

  4. Malaka

    My dear! This is not a private space ooo! I’m removing your email from the interweb pronto!!

    And no, you haven’t offended me at all. I just deactivated my account until I can figure out who reported my picture of my uterus! Communist bastard. i don’t come to your house and tell you where to put your pots and pans…how dare anyone feel free to come to MY album and report any of my images to facebook, after they’ve been there for 2+ years?!?!

    Woo saaa….

  5. Khadija

    Thanks for removing my private email. I didn’t know what else to do other than call you but I know you are at work. You are right to feel that way about the uterus pic. I don’t see how it was necessary to report it. I’ve seen disturbing images on Facebook that haven’t been reported and a uterus definately doesn’t fall into that category.

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