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Month: May 2011


No degrees.org

So, the day is finally here. We're leaving to get on a plane at 2 pm today to go to South Africa. Notice I said 'go' and not 'move' to South Africa, Reader. A great deal has changed. It would be inappropriate for me to…

R.I.P: My Former Cool Self

Caroline says I have a permanent scowl on my face. "I never see you smiling," she burst one day. I looked up from the diaper I was changing/floor I was sweeping/laundry I was washing/child I was chastising (I don't recall, but surely I was doing…

The Sound of Purple

One Friday afternoon, 2024 It was a sticky , sweltering afternoon in July. I lay motionless on the wicker two-seater that now served as my sofa, since my husband had sold all of our furniture, dishes and cutlery to fund some crack pipe project, like…

Tinogona: It IS Achievable

Well, it’s almost 10 pm EST and the world didn’t end. I wish I had made the time to print up some t-sirts.  They would say: May 21, 2011 – No Rapture, No Judgment, No Sh*t Today’s post isn’t about the wack jobs who quit…
Say what??

Attracted To Black Women? Then You're Gay!!

The title sounds completely outlandish, doesn't it? I mean, what an as(s)inine thing to say! Well, this seems to be the week for people who generally talk out of their asses to take center stage - the largest of which is Satoshi Kanazawa, a racist, bigoted misogynist with a…

Who Gon' Clean Up All These Flowers?!?

Marshall and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary this weekend, and it was honestly the best anniversary we've had - ever. After I cleaned out the shoe store in my closet, it was abruptly time to head to a marriage conference that was coincidentally happening…

Malaka vs the Broad in Education

I haven’t spent much time blogging these last few days because I’ve been dealing with an issue at my daughter’s school: specifically, her attitude in class. Nadjah has had a difficult kindergarten experience, to say the least. She spent 2 months of the first semester…

Naturally Helping a Sista Out!

Two weekends ago I abducted The Fabulous Akuba Sheen(!) and Caroline and drove off to the Natural Hair Expo on Camp Creek Rd. I’ve heard about the pomp and pageantry that takes place at this even year after year, but work or child care has…
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