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Say what??

Attracted To Black Women? Then You're Gay!!

The title sounds completely outlandish, doesn’t it? I mean, what an as(s)inine thing to say! Well, this seems to be the week for people who generally talk out of their asses to take center stage – the largest of which is Satoshi Kanazawa, a racist, bigoted misogynist with a number of fancy degrees from the UK. Satoshi, it seems, does not like Black women; nope. Doesn’t like us at all. We are genetic “mutants” . He said so in his article in Psychology Today, entitled: Why Black Women are (Rated) Less Physically Attractive than other Races.

Every 3 to 5 years, some scientist/social psychologist/medical professional – and even a random politician or two – comes up with new evidence to support their doctrine of presumed Black inferiority which says that Black people – and Black women in particular – are impossibly mediocre, be it intellectually, physically, fiscally…whatever. I hadn’t realized the hour hand had swept past our period of reprieve, and the time had come for Society/Science to re-up on the psychological beat down that Black women have been made to endure since, I dunno, slavery. Thus, I was ill prepared for Satoshi’s comments which include:

“The only thing I can think of that might potentially explain the lower average level of physical attractiveness among black women is testosterone.  Africans on average have higher levels of testosterone than other races, and testosterone, being an androgen (male hormone), affects the physical attractiveness of men and women differently.  Men with higher levels of testosterone have more masculine features and are therefore more physically attractive.  In contrast, women with higher levels of testosterone also have more masculine features and are therefore less physically attractive.  The race differences in the level of testosterone can therefore potentially explain why black women are less physically attractive than women of other races, while (net of intelligence) black men are more physically attractive than men of other races.”

Man. And I had just begun to feel pretty good about myself this week. I had to tell my husband…he had married a man.

“Babe…you’re gay.”


“Yes. Did you not read the article by the Japanese dude this week? The one where he said Black people had some weird genome load and all Black women were less attractive THAN OTHER RACE OF WOMEN ON THE PLANET? Oh yeah. The one that says we have more testosterone, making us androgynous, and therefore making you gay. You like men…because I am a man.”

Marshall leaned in an kissed me quietly.

“That’s not true,” he said. “Now what do you want for dinner.”

I love this man for a reason.

Here’s the crux of the matter: Satoshi needs to be stripped of all his degrees, honorary and otherwise and go back to school. He clearly learned nothing concerning research, compilation of data, and empirical presentation of that data. A quick look into the history of how this article was fashioned will reveal the following: Japanese dude, who already harbors a racist bias, traipses down to a university (which is coincidentally south of the Mason-Dixon line) to ask some college kids (who have very little world experience outside of what TV and their friends tell them) who is hotter: Loretta Devine or Lisa Ling or Lauren Conrad.

And that’s supposed to be “science”? That’s supposed to represent the pinnacle of academia? Give me a break.

At the end of the day, who really gives two sashimi sandwiches what Satoshi thinks? The subject of beauty is subjective, and his opinion of me, my race or my sex has as much importance as what Bin Laden was planning on having for dinner this week. It doesn’t matter. I mean, this was the man who penned such thought provoking articles as Are All Women Essentially Prostitutes? 

You know the good thing about God? The good thing about God is this: When Jesus died on the cross and hung out for a few weeks before heading back to Heaven, he didn’t look down on his disciples and say “Ei y’all! Don’t you fret. I’m leaving, but I’ll be sending you a Comforter to take my place…his name is Satoshi Kanazawa.”

It is only in Satoshi’s world that full lips and wide hips are “masculine features”; that a full bosom and a swaying backside are the result of an over abundance of testosterone. The man is clearly an idiot, because I am SO hot.

Photo courtesy of The Fabulous Akuba Sheen(!)… unedited, un-retouched, and taken within several sweaty minutes of chasing Stone around the ‘hood.

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  1. nana ama

    You look so hot! Love that hair! Great pic. The man’s an idiot!

  2. Khadija

    That abwaaa should have did a study about why Japanese men have small penises, thus making them less desirable to other races of women. If black women are unattractive why do I see all types of men on the prowl looking for a hot black woman? I have had numerous occassions where Asian along with other types of men looked like they were going to trip and fall looking at me. Truth is pussy don’t have no color or face.

  3. Malaka

    @ nana ama – Thank you so much! It’s the power of a good camera, it really is.
    @Khadija – pay him no mind. He should ask himself why there is a veritable horde of Chinese men coming to Africa to seek the comforts of “unattractive” African women. Would that not be beneath them?? Tsseeewww. What a fool.

  4. A-dub

    The funny thing is, I am sure he will claim that he is not racist because he threw us a bone – saying black men are more attractive than other races.

  5. Malaka

    I think he’s just attracted to Black men, personally. It just makes sense.

  6. NM

    This picture along with Maya Angelou’s poem Phenomenal Woman says it all.

  7. Stacy

    In the words of Winston Churchill, “stay calm and carry on” guuurrrl. F**k what ya heard, you’re beautiful inside and out, and this is coming from a lil ole petite Anglo-Saxon who wishes she had wide hips, a swaying backside, and a full bosom (got the full lips! ;>). As I said YOU are so beautiful and your everyday words of wisdom makes me appreciate being a woman. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being YOU! (((HUGS)))

  8. Stacy

    Final thought: I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts… I read them everyday not only for inspiration, but also a curiosity of what like-minded souls, ahem, mothers go through on a day to day basis. Keep ’em coming! I wish we lived closer!

    • Malaka

      Aww man. Thanks Stacy! That means a lot. I know people come to my blog because they want a good cackle, but it’s rare that I hear that this is a space to come for inspiration! I’ll have to tell my sister about that one. She’ll undoubtedly have some words of pity for your 😉

      Regarding the swaying backside and bosoms: You can get any shape you want with enough tape and padding. Shoot, I can go from a size 18 to a 6 with 8 rolls of scotch tape, some twine and an uninterrupted afternoon alone. Get you some pink panther insulation and a rope and you can have a big ghetto booty too girl!

  9. Stacy

    Love it!!!! Thanks for the advice ;> Sending you a huge disco ball of gratitude!

  10. runrettarun

    I need some more testosterone in my backside. Wait . . . that came out wrong. But you know what I mean. I’m killing myself for poppin’ black girl booty!

    • Malaka

      Harharharaaaaaaahhaaaa Retta! Now what did we talk about like 8 months ago? Asian girls can have a pretty face, nice teeth, or a big booty, but never all three at the same time. Stick with the face and the teeth, no one’s going to be talking to your butt.

  11. runrettarun

    Fine then! I’ll take face and teeth I guess. 😉

  12. ieatpork

    Attracted to (tall, large, loud, funny, strong, off-beat, self-determined) women? Then you’re gay! Stereotypes will out.

  13. pinkpanther

    Kanazawa really pisses me off, its arrogant pricks like this that fuel racism. I’m white, English and I live in London and I feel like going along to one of his ‘lectures’ with my beautiful black Jamaican girlfriend who also happens to be an international fashion model and confessing my desire to father the next Bob Marley and not another heartless over educated moron. There are ugly and beautiful people in all races, Kanazawa is a fine example of an ugly Asian, his ego being as big as his large round head.

    • Malaka

      God I wish you would. That would make for an epic viral video! The man is vile as he is stupid. Who else but a sordid soul would come up with this drivel?

  14. David S.

    For any outlandish idea you can come up with there is some ‘academic’ at some obscure department at some university somewhere whose entire time is spent trying to prove said idea. I once read a story about a grad student whose ‘research’ is aimed at proving that the moon landing was staged.

  15. Nnaemeka Ibekailo

    Dear do not take cognizance of the poor researcher. if he needs a worthwhile research work, send him down to Nigeria and i will teach the essence of research.

  16. eliza

    True always lies between the lines of each writer

  17. Aframa

    first of all I’m a black dude (and i mean the African type). i am surprised what people will ignorantly blab (degree holders or not) in the name of scientific researches, comments or even opinions. i also hate it that people will always be truth biased due to stupid sentiments. so what if Kanazawo or what ever his Japanese mom named him, belives that black women are ugly, its what his brain understands, and God, is he not allowed to say his mind.
    i personally never thought of oriental features as attractive. we had this belief that the whole orient was nuked by the US that is why their eyes were slit alongside other deformities our eyes always see whenever we look at a small eyed human being. now we thought it differently though. if we could have changed perception perhaps kanazawa will realized that too someday (though we were not as old as satoshi when we had those crazy beliefs).
    as a man i love women in generally. i might fantasize screwing a blond or slit-eyed tiger, but starting a family is reserved to a black damsel for shaw. talk of compatibility.

  18. Brenda Williams

    Has the researcher ever thought that his theory of black women is the other way around. Maybe some black women are only attracted to their own black men. I say if a black woman want to have another race in her life, I think she know how to attract that male from another race. She has that trait. And that trait is in every woman in every race. And that trait is knowing a way to a man’s heart of any race.
    I say to you Mr. Researcher, from a proud black woman – you have more book sense than you do common since.

  19. Yasmin

    Two words: PENIS ENVY! cleverly disguised as attack on black women. the real message is Yes. Black men are more sexy & endowed (more testosterone). But they are stupid (net intelligence) So let me explain your attraction to them, but disregard them for anything substantial like relationship, future, provider. So he cloaks his message by degrading the least-defended race: Black Women. Brenda said it. Most Black women have no problem attracting ALL men. Even the teeny tiny Japanese.

  20. Philpot

    What a prize tool!

    I’m (a late 40s white, separated, nothing-special male) now dating a gorgeous Jamaican woman who is, believe you me, definitely “all woman” and then some.

    If I’m gay, then it escaped my attention! Oh well ignorance is bliss then!

    She’s so hot horny and loving I just can’t keep pace and worry about losing her – but she says “don’t worry, I’ll be here for you”.

    We seem well matched, compatible, no race issues either way – just growing love.

    Hope we last for ages and ages! 🙂

  21. Phil

    Hi Malaka. I am definitely more on your side here, than Satoshi. But I would like to add something(and maybe listen to your feelings about it too).

    I am personally most attracted to black women, not attracted to white women(with a few exceptions), however I am also attracted asian women…& some studies cite east asians have lower testosterone levels. So this contradicts the study…unless I am unknowingly bisexual…with women).
    It’s actually healthier for women to have higher testosterone levels(not people undergoing sex changes w/ hormone that is) it helps things besides libido, like drive, motivation, aging, physical recovery.

    I would be careful before pulling the racial card on the guy, I think he is seriously somewhat clueless & putting in thinking in terms what he is subconciously attracted to. Now of course, *he may be one*, but he is talking about something that is totally subjective(attractiveness). Trust me, black women out there, I’m a white male & don’t take this guy seriously. My problem sometimes is I am so tired that it’s difficult to get “attracted”, but I seem to attract more black women & vice versa, so it just defies logic that this guy is correct. Also every person is different, what about black women with low testosterone levels, or white women with high ones? Does that make their husbands gay? Its way to broad of a generalization, we are all one people under the sun, it just so happens each of us is very different(Bruce Lee). I’m not a politically correct, liberal, racial sensitivity type either!!

  22. Phil

    Also, I have had my testosterone levels tested(my mom is actually a phlebotomist) many, many times and it is very high, in the top 5% of the range. Research shows that gay men tend to have lower testosterone levels. I am also very calm, don’t have a temper & it takes alot more to make me mad than even my sisters…they must have higher testosterone levels than me! This doesn’t prove he is completely wrong, but it it trends that way

  23. Dennis A Bennett

    WOW ! more testosterone? That explains why my wife and I have sex most generally no less than twice a day , WOW ! I wonder why men can not keep there eyes off my black wife ? no wonder everyone of my buddys are like WOW ! dude your wife is like the hottest sexiest chick I have ever seen ! MR . Satoshi Kanazawa does she have More testosterone? most likely !! THANK GOD !!!!!!! But boy does she make me feel like a man !! whoops thats right I am gay . Testosterone, does it make black women lack beauty ?? not a chance !!! All I can say if we were to get divorced ? which will never happen . I would most defintely date a black women again . Am I Gay ?? If i am I did not know it. Thank you Mr Satoshi Kanazawa for clearing up the question I had ?? which is why do I want to make mad love to my wife everytime I see her ? whoops thats right i am gay , from a white man > Denny

  24. Lax

    What I’m trying to understand why anybody would think black women aren’t feminine. They have the widest set ass and hips. They have feminine eyebrow ridges (partnering with asian foreheads). White women have teen boy bodies and broad eyebrow ridges. If anyones manly, its white women. But, I’ll let that go for now.

  25. Paul

    If all of that stereotypical rubbish was true, then the men of his race will no doubt be among the weakest and the ugliest (along with other orientals) and the women will be more attractive out of all the races (yawn). I’ve heard lots of people say that black men are more well endowed, orientals are the least well endowed, and white men are somewhere in the middle. It’s laughable. Eddie Murphy made jokes about this stuff in the 80’s on his show ‘Delirious’, saying that black men have a certain type of strut because of their man bits, and asses weighing them down, while white men have a stiff nerdy looking walk…..then he said that Chinese men are small in both departments, therefore they’re hopping around on their tiptoes all the time. It’s all just funny stereotypes at the end of the day. Even if there could be small elements of truth when talking about such race-related statistics regarding overall averages (if someone is sad enough to go out and research such data), the differences aren’t really going to be of enough significance to be of any relevance to anything. When it comes to his theory about women, I like women from all races. When people say they have a type, I don’t, because there are so many different kinds of beautiful looking women out there. Whatever race, height, waste size, breast size etc. More importantly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One man’s sausage is another man’s steak (as the saying goes, lol). I just find the stereotypes funny, and that’s all they should be, just a laugh. I would definitely date a black girl if I was single and had the chance, and I sure as hell wouldn’t be worried about any stereotypes that I would be erm….too small, compared to black men, haha (I’m not claiming I’m big either, lol) . It’s a shame that this Satoshi man is reading into stuff with so much detail, but in a tunnel vision way, only making sense of how he sees it, rather than thinking outside of the box….or even thinking at all, really. God help him try to work out the testosterone levels of the various combinations of mixed race people. Plus, so many people are mixed race now anyway (in some way at the least) and don’t even realise, until they trace back through their family tree. Well anyway, I’m white, so according to his way of thinking I’m probably either of average/slightly below average testosterone level, or look androgynous compared to black men, and he is of low testosterone and extremely, feminine. Haha. I actually couldn’t care less what anyone thinks I am. Neither should you 🙂 Sorry to sound corny, but everyone is beautiful in their own way. End of. :)……. Oh and black women are certainly ALL woman. I’d certainly be worried if I had a chest and hips like that 🙂

  26. C

    I understand its hard for you to accept that black women were rated least attractive by random men from all other races, but don’t take it out on the researcher. It is not his fault.

    Some amount of denial is to be expected, but enough already with the personal attacks. If you want credibility, you MUST show how the results were flawed, and calling names doesn’t do that. Its juvenile.

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