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Tinogona: It IS Achievable

Well, it’s almost 10 pm EST and the world didn’t end. I wish I had made the time to print up some t-sirts.  They would say:

May 21, 2011 – No Rapture, No Judgment, No Sh*t

Today’s post isn’t about the wack jobs who quit their jobs 6 months ago to spread “God’s” message that the world is (or was) slated to end 4 hours ago. Rather, today’s post is about a message that we don’t hear too often and certainly not often enough: Anything is possible.

In just 4 short days, the phrase “did you see Oprah yesterday?” will become obsolete. There is a mourning in my spirit that I am almost ashamed to admit exists. How can I be so bewildered, befuddled and bereaved that Oprah is going off the air? It’s ‘just a talk show’ for Heaven’s sake, isn’t it?

Nah. Nah, it’s far more than that.

Yesterday Oprah revealed her favorite host of all time – Tererai Trent. I was unaware of Tererai’s story, having missed the interview she did with Oprah 2 or 3 years ago. It’s definitely an amazing one that I encourage you to look up. Tererai was married off at age 11 to a man who beat her almost every day because she wanted to learn, By age 18, she had had three children and had not yet achieved her dream of getting an education. Despite her setbacks, she held fast to her heart’s desire: she wanted to go to America and get a doctorate degree. As though scripted like a Ron Howard film, a kindly American worker with Heifer International who tells her that if she truly wanted these things, ‘it is achievable’. Her mother told her to write down those dreams and hide them under a rock…the rock would keep her dreams safe.

 Watch this and learn about Rocks!

I am surrounded by talented, intelligent women who – despite their talent and intelligence – do not truly believe their dreams are achievable.  And when I say ‘believe’, I don’t mean ‘hope’… I’m talking about a knowledge and a belief in your ability that is unshakable because it’s grounded in fact. Just as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow morning (now that we know Jesus isn’t swooping into town this weekend), we – and talking to myself as well-  have to know that anything we put our mind to is achievable.

In that spirit, I did some things today I would never ordinarily do. I went to look at a  real estate property that is everything I have previously envisioned (and I mean down to the cobblestone walk way); because I want that building. I went into Carmax and asked if I could sit inside a Ford Flex; because I want that car. I wrote to an old boss to ask her for business advice, because I want to succeed in my new venture. Now, I didn’t actually get to go inside the property today, and  Carmax didn’t have a Flex on the lottoday, and I haven’t heard back from my ex-boss today…but that’s not the point. This conversation I had with Akuba Sheen(!) is the point:


“Sweetie! How is it?”

“Fine o. Did you watch Oprah yesterday?”

“O. No…I was on a photo shoot.”

“Then let me tell you what happened -> insert 10 minutes of talking about Tererai <-“

“Wow. You have to stop! You’re going to make me cry. So all these things can really be done?”

“I’m telling you man…we can do it. Look at you with your photography. You’re so talented, and you’re taking steps in directions you’ve never been before. We’re planting seeds.”


“Yes! Seeds! Live seeds! And do you know what the amazing thing about seeds is? You have to let them lose from your hands, put them into the ground and allow to roots to grow. A tree doesn’t start with a mighty trunk and bushy leaves. It starts with strong roots. All we have to do is be brave enough to plant the seeds man!”

-> insert some cackling and the conversation later comes to a close <-

I know people come to my blog for comedy and poop and fart jokes, but since the world isn’t coming to an end this weekend, I want to encourage you to reach for your dreams. If your thoughts and dreams a honest and good, keep them protected from predators. Find a rock to hide them under. When you are feeling weak in your resolve, renew it by reciting those goals again and again.

There’s always a dream killer ready to tell you why you can’t do something; but there is a bigger God who says you can. It IS achievable.

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  1. Khadija

    I needed to hear those words oooo. I’ve planted my seeds! I’ve planted my seeds! A girl who grew up in ghetto Compton all the way in Ghana. I remember envisioning building a home and opening a business 14 years ago in Ghana and it has come true. I have to hold on to the dream and make the rest of it come true. And as you said put it under a rock and shield it from predators.

    • Malaka

      As for you Purple Squirrel, you’ve come so far! Your story is truly an amazing one. You can’t let it end where it stands! Keep the fire in your belly burning, and protect your vision from “fire fighters” – people who always want to put out your flames with the waters of their negativity.

  2. nana ama

    Miss M, thanks sooo much for such a motivating message! More of the same please! Indeed could you replace Oprah, since she is going off air?:):)

    I watched one of her shows in August 1997 and was sooo inspired I quit my job (the recklessness/zeal of youth and new convert!!!) and decided to work for myself! After a ‘wobble’ during the Christmas and New Year holidays (I was down to my last £20!), ‘the seed’ sprouted in January 1998 and I have never looked back! That is the faith that all religions encourage us to germinate in ourselves !

    Oh, and my dad always asserted that the creative life-affirming things in nature always happen in silence, for example, no one hears a seed grow… Whereas earthquakes, tsunamis etc are accompanied by OTT noise, and other destructive elements!

    When you’ve seen the rock formations in Zimbabwe, (massive awe-inspiring lumps, one of which can stretch for miles, and often resemble some unearthly landscape) you can identify with and understand better Tererai’s choice of where to hide her resolutions! A truly graphic illustration of ‘patience (and resolve) moving mountains!’

  3. NM

    Thank you for standing in the gap and reminding us that all things are possible if only we believe! Fortune favors the bold! 🙂

  4. Sochina

    Well said! I really needed to read that. This came at the right time! Well done Malaka.

  5. Sochina

    I am good dear! I read your blog everyday! I am a huge fan, if you are not inspiring me, you are making me laugh. You are an awesome writer!!!!

  6. Malaka

    1) Carmax ordered the car for me to test drive. Result – I.Want.That.Car
    2) Spoke to my former boss yesterday and she has pledged to hold my hand through the entire process, but I have to hold hers and keep in step! Result – Progress!!

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