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Month: September 2011


How Troy Davis’ Death Affected my 2012 Vote

I am a proud independent voter. I neither kowtow nor subscribe exclusively to any one political party, and that is something I take great satisfaction in. I see merits in the Tea Party’s opinions, the logic of the Republican Party’s view on economics, and appreciate…

He’s Not a Wicked God

Do you ever get sick of reading and watching the news? I have. You would think the world was going directly to Hell by Saturday morning. Ugh! I went walking with a friend 2 days ago who was feeling really glum about her job prospects.…

A Cultural Dilemma

Nadjah ripped open her backpack last week and thrust a sheet of paper in my face. It was a permission slip from her school, requesting my signature to allow my student to participate/try out in the school’s first ever Cultural Talent show. “Presentations must be…

Frightening my Family into Fitness

They say that half of all Americans will be obese by the year 2030 if the trends we’ve seen in the last few decades are not reversed. Think about that: Fifty percent! Take a look at the person sitting across from you right now. If…

The Rise of the Panther Mom

Move over Tiger Mom…or at least scoot over a tad. There is a new ferocious feline matriarch on the prowl, and her name is “Panther Mom.” And, as her name suggests, she is Black. I was visiting Mom Five Times a few days ago when…

Lazers and Dragons and Siths – Oh My!

  This year is the 10th Anniversary of Dragon*Con, a multi-genre high fantasy festival/convention which, prior to my great geek awakening, I had never heard of. Imagine my delight when I discovered it was in my very own back yard here in Atlanta! A quick…