He’s Not a Wicked God

Do you ever get sick of reading and watching the news? I have. You would think the world was going directly to Hell by Saturday morning. Ugh!

I went walking with a friend 2 days ago who was feeling really glum about her job prospects. She’d interviewed with one of the four major telecom companies in the area, and they hadn’t called her back. I myself used to work for Sprint, and while it wasn’t a bad job, it wasn’t a fulfilling one either. I brought her back from the brink of depression with these words:

“Have you ever worked at a suck-ass job?”

“Yeah…” she conceded. “I have.”

“And do you REALLY think that this job with ‘X’ company is going to make you happy? What – because you’ll be getting a paycheck?”

She silently looked ahead at the trail and kept walking.

“The answer is no!” I retorted. “That measly $30-35K that they are going to offer you is not worth being shackled to a desk doing mindless work to fulfill someone else’s bottom line!”

She stopped walking.

“You know what? You’re right.”

“Yeah. I know I am!”

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am a realist. There ARE some people who should never run a business, never be put in positions of management, and never be given any responsibility that would directly affect the lives of others, either adversely or positively. They can’t be trusted. I have happily told some folk that. On the other hand, if you are a person whose vast potential would be deflected and wasted by dronish drudgery, I would do all in my power to encourage you in the opposite direction. My friend is one of such people. It would kill me (and her) to see her languish at some telecom company with an odious name tag that reads ‘Account Manager II’.

The conversation sharply took another direction. With all that is going on around us – the political chaos, the downward spiraling markets, the murder and mayhem, all which can rightly be attributed to our crumbling global economy – where was God? No seriously…if He (or His multi-breasted, eight armed equivalent) existed, wouldn’t He care to come down and fix things? I’m sure it’s a question that thousands of despairing people have asked while praying on their knees, if anyone still bothers at all.

The truth is, God has nothing to do with this AND everything to do with it at the same time. He created man in His own image, and gave us the tools to sort out the messes that we’ve created and mired ourselves in. WE have the power to change and manifest the destiny of our choosing. Besides that, He’s not a wicked God – He doesn’t get pleasure from watching us suffer! No matter what religion you ascribe to, I highly doubt that you will find a verse testifying to the ‘wickedness of God’.

I’ve been reading more and more about positive thoughts lately, and how those thoughts create our reality. I truly believe that we have to become a people who decide what we want and relentless pursue that desire to the exclusion of all else. It’s time out for conforming for Conformity’s sake. There were more millionaires created during the Great Depression than there ever were in American history. If you’re unemployed/unhappy in your job/unfulfilled in your work, the time is ripe to break out into a realm that you’ve never dreamed of before. Try something new. What have you got to loose, besides something that’s keeping you miserable anyway? At the very least, take a little leap and imagine would it would be like to live the life of your dreams. Deviate from the script!

9.1% of the US population is unemployed, and many of the jobs these folks held are never coming back. I read one analyst’s article that said that these people may NEVER work again. That’s bull. If they plan to eat, then logic says that they will definitely work! Many types of manufacturing jobs may never come back, but think about this: 10 years ago there was no social media as we know it. Today, there are hundreds of people whose sole job is to tweet or update statuses for companies or individuals who don’t have the time to do it themselves. And they get paid well. If you have a pulse, you can think; and if you can think you can learn a new skill; and if you can learn a new skill, you can get a new job. It’s really not rocket science.

All this, Reader, is to simply say: Do not despair. You were not created or born to suffer. That’s not your calling in life. You were created to prosper and to share that prosperity with others.  I’m no spiritual scholar, but of that much I’m convinced. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

*Descending from my soapbox and reaching for a yummy Oreo Cakester*