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Month: November 2011


The Hue Violet: Some Colors Never Change

“Hey!!! I need help changing my clothes!!!!” Serena had taken to calling Annabelle “Hey” recently. It grated on Annabelle’s nerves to no end. What 39 year old woman responds to “hey”, particularly when the address is elicited from the mouth of a 3 year old…

Black Friday, But Only If You Dare

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season…or at least it DID in years past. This year a number of retailers are encroaching on the holidays by sparking the Black Friday frenzy on Thanksgiving night, thereby cutting into what should be time off from…

The Hue Violet: Analyzing Anitha

Annabelle’s first weekend had come and gone without much event. She spent the entire 48 hours holed up in her room with no agenda, aside from analyzing her current situation. Had a university degree and years spent working in corporate America all culminated into this…

The Hue Violet: A House of Cards

All families have one outstanding trait about them. Some are renowned for their kindness and warmth, others for generational wealth, and some yet still for their cruelty. Think about your own family, Reader. Are you all jokers? Given to academics, perhaps? No doubt there are…

Lessons From the Hue

Typically, a writer waits until the end of the series before he/she discusses lessons or insights with the reader, but I think it is prudent to do it now. A number of people have contacted me about "Annabelle", wonderign why she would ever keep working this horrid…

The Hue Violet: The Twilight Zone

Annabelle stood in the bathroom door and began slipping her slender fingers into the rubber cleaning gloves she’d found under the kitchen sink. There were wefts of hair everywhere - all over the sink and sprinkled on the floor. She knew that Whites and Indians…

The Hue Violet: Bring the Baby her Eggs

The next morning Annabelle woke to the sound of muffled conversation in the master bedroom a few feet away. All of the bedrooms were on the same floor, and her accommodations were adjacent to Serena’s. Anitha had told her the night before that she would…

The Hue Violet

A little while ago I told you about a friend of mine who was staying with us until she got herself back on her feet. I am happy to report that she accepted live-in nanny position a little over 3 weeks ago. I am equally…

Counting the Duggar Kids

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone on a hard core rant – but here it is: Who CARES how many kids the Duggars have?!?! It’s not often that I get a chance to sit around and watch the morning “news”, but today I…
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