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Month: March 2012


A Fugitive in My Own Home

Some days are better than others. Most days leave me feeling beaten and looking bedraggled. I am constantly at the mercy of my two toddlers, as their disposition often sets my day. I know, this is a deplorable state to be in. After all, what…

Love Me Like a 90’s Love Song

My seven year wedding anniversary is coming up and my husband has been asking me what I’d like as a gift to commemorate the occasion. The seventh year of marriage is supposed to represent several major milestones, namely the age for perfection and a benchmark…

Gone Scoutin’

  Lawd, I hate nature – or rather I hate being outside IN it in the dark and rain. This weekend the girls’ Daisy troop had a mother-daughter weekend camping trip at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Several of the Daisy troops in the area attended…

In My Wildest Pipe Dreams

A pipe dream is an illusory fantasy or idea that will not work. It’s probably because I caught the service for humanity bug when I went to South Africa last year, but I have this recurring pipe dream where I travel around Africa holding village…

Elder Pleasure

How old are you? Somewhere between the ages of 28 and 42? Have you ever pondered your future and wondered: “Hmmm, what would be an appropriate age to stop having sex?” Yeah – I hadn’t either, until I went to pick up my kids from…

My Pimple, My Enemy

Everyone has some sort of imperfection about them – some aspect of themselves they don’t quite like. It could be a lazy eye, or a grey hair that grows longer and more untamed as time passes on. Perhaps a clubbed foot ails you, or you…
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