Welcome to Malaka Fashion Week!

Heeiii! These Nigerians!

This week marks the beginning of Lagos Fashion week, which would have begun last night had the models for the show not gone on strike. After waiting for 5 hours for the show to begin, the crème-de-la-crème of Africa’s emerging fashion industry were informed that the show would not begin as scheduled due to “technical difficulties”. This is bloody fashion week, not a garden party! The show is required to go on no matter what the circumstances.

I wonder if the delay had anything to do with the political fallout between Nigeria and South Africa, Africa’s two economic  powerhouses.  The two countries have been engaging in a tit-for-tat deportations of nationals from either nation, straining already fragile diplomatic relations. On March 2, South Africa deported 125 Nigerians who, according to airport health authorities, carried fraudulent yellow fever cards. Since then, authorities in Lagos, raising health concerns, have deported  83 South Africans at last count. Could the internationally renowned South African duo Kluk CGDT have been among this group so unceremoniously ousted from Naija’s  Murtala Muhammed International Airport? Hmmm?!?

If I had the means to host fashion week in Africa, there would be no political shenanigans. There would be no twiggy models striking over unsettled wages. There would be no drama. There would only be FASHION – and the very best (and most affordable) that Africa has to offer.

  First we would sip on champagne from the Bramon Wine Estate in South Africa, because let’s face it – South Africans make some really good wine. Order Tramadol pills online visit website.

When everyone had a glass, we would head over to the Kua Jewelry collection, where socialites and fashion lovers could peruse through a small but elegant assortment of earrings, necklaces and coif adornments. With pieces crafted with beads, semi and precious metals, there would be something for every woman at any price point.

MAKSI Clothing would of course be the main attraction with jumpsuits, lace cut offs and funky day wear.

I don’t even KNOW who makes these shoes, but I found them on Whoever made these beauties would be welcome at Malaka Fashion Week. Bring a truck of these.

FINALLY, Kua would make a grand reentrance with its expansive line of handbags and clutches. At this point in the evening I would personally be weary of putting on a façade of sophistication. Upon trotting out luxe purses from the Volta Collection, I would feel it incumbent upon me to wrest this hard to procure purse from the pretty model and maim her if necessary.

 “Mine!” I’d growl at her.

“Back off!!” I’d screech at the rest of the attendees.

Thus Malaka Fashion Week would end in a melee. What better way to end a show than in a brawl? After all, if Nigeria has taught us anything, it’s that fashion ain’t always pretty.

There are so many amazing up and coming African designers and brands out there that go overlooked. Who are some that you know of that you wish had more notoriety?