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Month: April 2012


Sexy Chocolate!

I lost 8 lbs about two months ago. I was elated. I celebrated that feat with a bar of Green & Blacks Almond chocolate. The celebration continued for 8 weeks, one week for every pound lost. I am now 3 lbs heavier than I was…

Of Cakes and Clitorises

I had an Egyptian friend who was an artist, who left his country about 17 years ago because the views of his countrymen were too “myopic”. “They are too bound by religion,” he snorted with disdain. “Religion has done more to harm my country than…

The Power of the Haka

I only recently discovered Haka a few days ago after my husband went on a 23 hour video posting spree on FaceBook. Ah. What is this thing he keeps posting? Why is he flooding my wall with these useless updates?!? I clicked on a link…

Let’s Work to End White on White Crime

Whenever you have a cluster of homogenous ethnicities dwelling in one geographical area, it is expected that the majority of commerce, worship, entertainment or any other form of human interaction will remain within the boundaries of that group’s dwelling. Despite government mandated desegregation, America remains…
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