Screw That: Yes, I Want to be One of the 1%

I just got finished reading and article called Don’t blame the 1% for America’s pay gap on CNN Money by Nina Easton.  The article was so stunningly simple, it was mind blowing. In it, she recommends that instead of vilifying the 1% wage earners in this country, we ought to take a look at what they are doing right and emulating it.


I devoured the article. The qualities of a top wage earner are few, but impacting:
•    They hold advanced degrees (education)
•    They work long hours (stellar work ethic)
•    If they do raise families, they do so in a two-parent household    (pooling and conserving resources)
•    They bring rare talent and skill to local and global economies (innovation)

That’s it. If you want to be a top wage earner, the blue print is staring you in the face! So why aren’t more of us richer? What’s holding you back? What’s your excuse?

I don’t know about you, Reader, but I don’t want to spend my whole life working just to stay poor. That’s not what smart people do.

And yes, that is the end of today’s post. No long t’ing needed.