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So…When is Your Next Blog Again?

Dude. This is more of a Hump Day rant than an actual ARTICLE, so just be forewarned.

There is so much I want to write about that I don’t even know where to begin. The trouble is, none of it is funny (at least not in a laugh out loud way…more of a WTF way) and I just don’t want to focus my energy on any of it. I don’t want to play Negative Nancy this week.

Mother’s day was actually really good. I think it deserves a dedicated script rather than a passing mention, so I’ll save the details for another day when I’m not


I mean what is really going on here? From the chick on Time magazine breast feeding her mammoth 3 year old son, to the president giving God the middle finger, to the hoochies at Wal-Mart with their bellies hanging out…it’s all too much.

So here’s the deal: I’m going to take a little mental break and be back in about a week. I need to collect my thoughts. You wouldn’t believe the carnage that has taken place in my inbox…but you will when I tell you all about it after the dust settles. Why do certain people insist on troubling me??? Oh trust me, you’re going to want to read this one. I just have two words for you: African Men.

Sweet Jesus save my soul from certain African Men!

Alright MOM Squad. Next week; I promise. Have a slice of pecan pie for me. Or whatever it is you guys like to eat on a Wednesday.


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  1. Lolita

    Hey mate stop giving that African man on twitter oxygen its not worth your time or energy.

    • Malaka

      It’s not even him ooo. It’s a PACK of them. He’s hardly worth the effort. But this other group? Oh my sistah, if only you knew.

    • African Mami (@afrikanmami12)


      Hello. My blood pressure is VERY high, as a result of his DUMB AZZNESS!


      I love you hun for being the calm in the storm, during those twirra fiascos. Cheii. The nerve!

  2. Ms. Dela (@RevivedAfrikana)

    ma sistas whts going on lol. Waiting for details soon. if we have to bash these “men” then I am on board

  3. siaj won

    just had a big frozen yoghurt on your behalf…

    • Malaka

      Oh sweetie thank you wai? Frozen yogurt sounds perfect to soothe my boiling blood.

      Revived! It’s all because of some ‘think tank’ who can’t tell their foot from their ass and it’s pissing me off so bad eh? These are PhDs and businessmen who have no business engaging in the business that they are currently engaging in! Haba!

      You, I will tell all. Mek you no fear.

  4. Nana Darkoa (@nas009)

    How did the President give God the middle finger?

  5. David S.

    Methinks it might be time to take a break from trolls on twitter. This is the second time they have gotten you extremely pissed off, and you know that deep down when you actually think about it, you could care less about them.

    • Malaka

      It’s not the trolls this time. It’s some organization that thinks I’m a member. They are playing the rough.

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