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I’m not Black

Black death.

Black plague.

Black Wednesday.

Black market.

Black Sabbath.

Black listed.

Black hole.

Black Monday.

Black souls.

Black sheep.

Black mark.

Black balled.

…and little white lies.

Oh dear. Anything “Black” looks mighty bad doesn’t it?

Fortunately I’m not a Black woman. I’m Ghanaian-American.

What are you?

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  1. A-Dub

    Black Friday is good! I’m waiting for it this year!

  2. Tolu

    Least I forget, I think u need to add ” Black market”, “Black Box”, “Black Maria” to the list. Its a tragedy, the list goes on and on and on. I will have think you are correct about this Black Listing. Until I was told otherwise-God is not respecter of any Man, but in every nation he that fear him and work righteously is accepted before him(Act 10v34). Color is just a function of genetic sequence.

  3. worshipandswag

    Malaka! Malaka!! Malaka!!! How many times have I called you? Lol lady. Ever heard of BlackRock? I promise this Rock is wealthy Black! Their client base includes corporate, public, union and industry pension plans; governments; insurance companies; third-party mutual funds; endowments…
    Now wouldn’t you wanna be a BlackRocker??? Please sign me up for the next BlackRock opening abeg 😀

    • Malaka

      6 times you have called my names that I can count! Haha! I have never heard of BlackRock. I’ll take your word for it.

      Fine. Everyone thinks Black Friday trumps the negative association with the word ‘black’. It’s a strong argument. We do love black Friday!

    • David S.

      BlackRock is awesome! A significant portion of my savings are in iShares ETFs.

  4. siaj won

    and you forgot Black Friday!!..Correction!!! WestAfrican-American…you are my sister abi and I be no Ghanaian o!

  5. Ali Pabai

    I think there are also Black Spot, Black Mail, Black Magic and Black widow – all for the negatives reasons. But it is never Black Christmas even if the weather is horrendously inclement. We only hear about White Christmas if it snows that day.

  6. Ali Pabai

    I think there are also Black Spot, Black Magic, Black Mail, Black Out and Black Widow all for the negative reasons!

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