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Month: January 2013


The Obolobo Show

The Obolobo Show: A (fictional) reality show focused on women of a certain size who have to navigate life in Ghana while simultaneously being called all manner of pejoratives and being offered useless advice, remedies and commentary on their ‘obolonity’. I have found myself as…

The Next Big Thing

My BFFFL, Nana Darkoa has asked me to participate in The Next Big Thing. As for this woman di333, she likes these things too much. The exercise has all the qualities of an online version of pilolo (in my humble opinion), but it’s really an…

Beauty, Beauty, Beauty!

As I said before, I have made the conscious decision to only see the good side of Ghana, as much as I can. I suddenly have the urge to take a break from detailing  the beach chronicles to express a range of emotions that have…

Fanta's Folly

Folly. What kind of foolish name is that to give your resort? Msteeewwww…  Our time at Axim Beach Hotel (ABH) soon came to an end. Three nights had passed before we knew it. We had an amazing sendoff the night before. Nana’s birthday was a…

The History They Don’t Teach Us

I have a problem with the way some of our municipalities are named in Ghana. They are a constant reminder of the oppressive colonial regime that Ghana found itself under for centuries, and in some sadistic way still takes pride in. The most offensive of…

Prince’s Town

After we left Fort St Anthony, we asked around town for directions to Nzulezo and Prince’s Town. It turns out they were in opposite directions. The care taker of the Fort suggested we go to Nzulezo instead. It would be much closer, he said. Mariel…

Fort St. Anthony

Our first night at dinner was decidedly delectable. Nana had arranged for all our meals to be a buffet with items of our choosing. I can’t remember what I ate, but it was good. Nana casually mentioned that Jonas had left careful instructions with the…

Destination: Axim Beach Hotel

The signs for Axim Beach Hotel pointed us in the direction of a bumpy dirt road which Nana navigated with skill. Out of nowhere, a pair of columns fashioned in the architectural style peculiar to the North greeted us. I was impressed, but Nana was…

The Road to Paradise

I woke up early on Friday morning before the sun came up. It was January 4th. My husband was still fast asleep when I finally slung my handbag over my shoulder. “When will you come back?” he asked groggily. “Maybe around four o’clock on Saturday…
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