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Month: February 2013


Remembering My Angel

Nine years ago I went with a friend to Akropong to visit his family house. It was an impressive building that towered over all the other single story slate-roofed houses in the area. It was his grandmother’s residence and was a queen mother to the…

Go Find a Mountain and Climb It

Women’s issues have been all over the global news lately. With headlines ranging from the horror of domestic violence to the struggles so-called ‘left over women’ in China, one can’t help but look at herself and ponder her place in the world and what society…

Shopping While Sensitive

Working in retail is a lot like holding position in public office. You have to have thick skin, be ever ready to face derision and scorn, but somehow feign appreciation for the maltreatment meted out to you. Of course, a politician’s six-figure salary compared to…

Grannies and Girl Scouts

The elderly… what a manipulative, cunning bunch. Just wait! Give me a second to explain. This weekend I went with Aya to a senior assisted living home in Buckhead.  She and the members of her Daisy troop went to the home to make Valentine’s Day…