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A Man Slaps Your Baby. What Would You Do?

I have purposely ignored this story because I didn’t want to believe that there was any merit to it. Surely, there had to be more to the report. After all, how could a 60 year old man viciously slap a 19 month old baby, instruct his mother to shut her “nigger baby up”, and expect to sip his Coke on the rocks like nothing ever happened?

Well, that’s exactly what happened on a Delta Flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta this week, and no, there is nothing more to the story. This was not retaliation for the baby crip walking over to his seat and calling him a ‘mofo’ earlier in the flight. The guy was just an evil douche bag who somehow felt justified enough to touch a child that was not his own.

Here is the link story so that we can discuss.


slapperSo let’s just put this into context. Think about your race/ethnicity for a moment. Now: The plane is about to land, the altitude changes, and your baby’s ears begin to pop. You’re trying to soothe him, already flustered because flying is so uncomfortable anyway. Suddenly, an irate, sweaty, ogre-ish looking man turns around, opens his palm and screams:

“Shut your wetback baby up!”

“Shut your curry eating baby up!”

“Shut your honky/cracker baby up!”

“Shut your Jap baby up!”

“Shut your kike baby up!”

“Shut your nigger/tar baby up!”

…and then: SLAPS your wailing child.

My heart is racing just thinking about it.

What would you do? Discuss! Discuss!!!


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  1. A-Dub

    I eyes are still boiling red to discuss … But as I said before – someone is leaving in handcuffs!

    • Malaka

      Like I said, you never know what you’re going to do until you find yourself in a given situation. HOWEVER, I imagine that there are certain constants in times like these…like my fist suddenly finding its way down his throat. Hei!!!

  2. Me

    I come from the school of Jason Bourne- He would have left on a stretcher!

  3. Tracey Michae'l Lewis-Giggetts

    My answer: They would need to call Homeland Security. My husband’s answer: Beat him ’till he’s sleep. We are not violent people. But this? Yeah.

  4. Kemi Bakary

    I usually don’t comment but I am sure it would be me in the mug shot and the police carrying me away for attempted murder. I have cussed out people at the playground in Yoruba for much less.

    • Malaka

      Yei! Scary Nigerian lady cussing out the moms at the playground for not letting junior have his turn. Me? I’ve seen “you” before. Lol!

  5. African Mami

    I don’t know what I would do, but I sure as hell know that Jesus would weep, again-much longer than the shortest verse in the Bible. He would weep a chapter, or probably even a whole new Bible. Be blessed.

    • Malaka

      OMG. I just coughed up a lung. African Mami where have you been?!? We’ve been searching for you all over the interwebs! You’ve been missed paa….

  6. Ebenezer Mr Scrooge

    WWJD, anyone???

    • Malaka

      I recall a scene in the Bible where Jesus flipped tables and went HAM on dome money changers is the Temple. I think I have a fair idea of how He might react. #unpredictable

      • Ebenezer Mr Scrooge

        Hahaha… Classic!!! I took delivery of some NuclearProof bunkers before posting, just in case… Ok, so I asked about Rambro and went MIA, so I wont ask about Pisto…. (and it doesn’t end with an ‘l’) or does it… Oh, and Malaka, act like you haven’t seen the last post on Adv. From.. No comments?? Ok, I’m becoming a troll… Bye!!

  7. gboukzi

    LOL! I’d do nothing. But the man will go missing in one week. He’d resurface 3 weeks later and his own family will ask him if he’s seen their dad. #TrueStory. I’m not even kidding.

  8. idomagirl

    i will break his head…walahi….

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