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Month: July 2013


My Atlanta Book Reading and Discussion

With all the hustle and bustle and horror of the last two weeks what with the Trayvon Martin case, the shooting death of Darius Simmons, the row over the Boston bomber on the cover of Rolling Stone, and the unpleasantness in the news in general,…

Malaka Grant. Occupation: Terrorist

Eiii! It’s not me ooo. But if you do a Google search on my name, you might mistake this criminally inclined woman for yours truly. Allow me to explain. Last night I was indulging in my not-so-secret fantasy of becoming a Ghanaian script writer/call center…

Yet Another Open Letter to Idris Elba

Heh. You this Idris Elba. You’ve come again, eh? Humph. I thought we had come to some sort of understanding after the Smart Water incident. Clearly, my words have fallen on deaf ears. I even tried to communicate with you using sign language, by my…
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