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Say what??

A Valentine for Benedict Cumberbatch

It’s no secret that I dig on Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s a weird looking dude, but that voice…my word! *swoon*!!

I was going to write an open letter to my latest crush, but three things have persuaded me to abandon the Open Letter Course; at least for the moment.

1) My sister, whom I primarily blog for, doesn’t have as much time to read as she previously has now that she’s given birth to her second child

2) I read out there in the ether that Open Letters are soooo passe, and that we need to close the door on open letters…which is a shame. I really like reading open letters, but admittedly, I am usually a year (or 4) behind on web trends.

3) Now that hubby has kitted me out with this video maker software, I find that I rather enjoy vlogging! But don’t despair! I will keep writing always and forever.

4) I know I said three things persuaded me, but I’ve just thought of another: a video montage that assaults the eye is far more pleasurable than a bunch of still shots of Benny Cumberbaaaatch…. at least that’s what I convinced myself at midnight when I was up cobbling this video together.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

Oooh, ooohhh!! Let’s play a game! What are you wearing RIGHT NOW? Did you choose this outfit to honor the day or to spite it? Who’s wearing black because they HATE  Val’s Day. Confess! I know you’re out there.

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  1. Nana A

    I wore a yellow and purple dress!

    • Malaka

      “Wore”? Is the day over so soon?

      Yellow and purple sounds lovely though. Like a gilded gift ready for opening! 😉

  2. Nana A

    I guess it was after 4pm in Lagos so technically, the day was over!!!!!! Oh dear!

    It was a bright yellow and purple dress and I was a happy camper!

  3. Nana A

    Malaka, you’re just too funny! How long did it take you to put this together? And when do you find the time? Great piece though.

    • Malaka

      It took me 15 minutes to record the audio and 2.5 hours to set it to music and edit it. Ah! It was after work, dinner and bath time. Kept poor Marshalll up into the night.

      Thank you for calling me funny instead of “fool”. 😉

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