Say what??

A Valentine for Benedict Cumberbatch

It’s no secret that I dig on Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s a weird looking dude, but that voice…my word! *swoon*!!

I was going to write an open letter to my latest crush, but three things have persuaded me to abandon the Open Letter Course; at least for the moment.

1) My sister, whom I primarily blog for, doesn’t have as much time to read as she previously has now that she’s given birth to her second child

2) I read out there in the ether that Open Letters are soooo passe, and that we need to close the door on open letters…which is a shame. I really like reading open letters, but admittedly, I am usually a year (or 4) behind on web trends.

3) Now that hubby has kitted me out with this video maker software, I find that I rather enjoy vlogging! But don’t despair! I will keep writing always and forever.

4) I know I said three things persuaded me, but I’ve just thought of another: a video montage that assaults the eye is far more pleasurable than a bunch of still shots of Benny Cumberbaaaatch…. at least that’s what I convinced myself at midnight when I was up cobbling this video together.


Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

Oooh, ooohhh!! Let’s play a game! What are you wearing RIGHT NOW? Did you choose this outfit to honor the day or to spite it? Who’s wearing black because they HATE  Val’s Day. Confess! I know you’re out there.