Say what??

MOM is a Finalist for the Social Media Awards!

Of all the things I could have forgotten to blog about, this is certainly the worst. How could I neglect to tell the MOM Squad, Random Readers and beloved Trolls that the blog is up for an award?

That’s right! Mind of Malaka is a finalist at the Ghana Blogging Awards. All of my non-Ghanaian Squad readers who have endured my rants about Ghanaian politics, social issues and economics can rest assured that it has all not been for naught. Even if we don’t win, it still feels good to know – in the immortal words of A-Dub – that “I’m on the list!”. As you will see, there are many wonderful blogs and writers on the list for the competition. No matter who takes home the trophy that night, every individual is deserving. It’s going to be a thrilling contest, and none of us would have it any other way.

In order to encourage you all to vote, I went deep into MOM Mode and made this video in hopes that you will click this link , find my name, and vote for it. I’se be much beholden to you if you would. As an added incentive, you should all know that my father has promised to strut on stage and collect the award in my stead if we win, so get your cell phones ready.  He’s so excited about the possibility of triumph. We’re both hoping his gout doesn’t act up that night…His gout reduces him to little more than a hobble, and we can’t have Daddy hobbling in public.


Over to you guys now! Voting ends on March 28th. I believe you can vote once a day, so don’t be shy or skurrd. Have a Super Saturday!