When Your Bully Suddenly Finds Christ

Don’t get too excited. Jesus hasn’t been a Xanax in Atanta, let alone a balm in Gilead for this wench. Now the tale of my victimization has taken a bizarre turn.


I suppose it’s fair to say that Yvette is desperate. She sees that her actions (by which I mean that mouth) have gotten her into a hole and now she has to save face before her inglorious, imminent, involuntary departure from her job. Now we all know why she no longer manages Mars and the Moon. It’s because of the MOUTH!

What I have discovered is that she generally waits until after 5 pm when all of the executives have left to poison the waters against me with my co-workers. Just last night she was bragging about how she was going to get me fired and what church she goes to. “Get the behind me Satan!” she reportedly shouted.

Ah ah. So now I’m Satan? Girls abr3.*

And my co-workers – being the demographic they are – just sucked the gossip and vitriol up. But she’s not as confident as she seems. Every time an executive asks her to “see them for a moment” her immediate response is “am I in trouble?”

Only someone with a guilty conscience automatically thinks of trouble or danger when a person in authority calls on them. When an exec asks for me, I know it’s because I’m about to get more work on my plate. End of story.

Did I report her, you ask? Why yes, I did. She’s creating a hostile environment for me and I’m not having it. I wish I could show you guys the email she sent around to my team yesterday, but I’m saving it in my Bully File Folder for later use. Plus, I may use its contents in a book one day and that would be a spoiler!

Should we sit down and talk like two adults? I thought about that. How is that even possible when only ONE adult would be showing up for the meeting! Besides, that’s not my mandate. The woman has a problem with me, not vice versa. I have no time to go on a fact finding mission into the labyrinth of insanity that she calls a brain.


*Abr3: Fatigue as a result of suffering