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Say what??

In Support of Cosby: Faizon Love’s Coontastic Display of Unbridled Ignorance

WARNING: This post contains content of the most foul order. Reader discretion is advised.

Like many people around the world – not just Americans – I haven’t know what to make of the Cosby rape allegations. Bill Cosby is not just a folksy American icon: he is (or was until 2 weeks ago) a universal Black treasure. Some of us may have not liked the way he talked down to us in regards to education and fashion preferences, but deep down inside, we knew he was right. Yes, perhaps I should invest my money in books and educational toys instead of these $100+ Jordans for my kid. But did you have to be such a douche about your suggestion, Dr. Cosby?

Those of us in The Community (like Cornel West) who took issue with Bill Cosby’s superior attitude towards Blacks made our grumblings on any new network that would provide space to allow for disagreement with his pronouncements. Those spaces were few and far between. I mean, who is going to disagree with the wholesome and loveable Bill Cosby? Plus, the majority culture LOVES anyone – a person of color in particular – who crusades for the cause of absolving them from the part that they’ve played in creating and facilitating poverty and disenfranchisement among Blacks, Latinos and the ever ignored Po’ White Folk who cluster in the Appalachians. In time, Cosby would become an even bigger hero to them than he was to us. He was their personal Uncle Ruckus.

Then the rape allegations began trickling in. And despite being the guard dog for White innocence, I have YET to see a White man stand up and throw himself on upon the fast becoming corpse that is Bill Cosby’s legacy in his defense. In fact, The Man is strategically dismantling his legacy, pulling his new show, refusing to air his syndicated programs on certain platforms, and inviting him to do interviews as though he were an oddity and not the icon he was just a month ago. I’m glad Maya Angelou is not here to see this sad day!

There are some people who believe that The Community (code for all Black folk) should stand in defense of Dr. Bill Cosby because, well…because we’re Black. One of these persons is Faizon Love. And if you’re asking yourself “Who in the name of good grits is Faizon Love?” that’s part of the point. Mr. Love is a prop used to embody all that is odious and underachieving in Black manhood. He is slovenly, barely educated and singularly gifted in the craft of abusing women. Perhaps more dangerously, he’s been paid an actor’s wage to play the part of the field hand in modern clothing giving his access and exposure to a broad audience. And last night, it seems as if someone gave him a kilo of coke and access to his Twitter account. It was like watching a star go nova. Prepare yourselves for the most coontastic display of niggery I have seen all year!

Read from the bottom up.

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I couldn’t bring myself to interrupt his tirade as I shared it with you. I know the oscillation in emotion you experienced as you were reading this, for I share them too. Confusion. Anger. Fear (that Faizon’s brand of stupid is catching). Astonishment. Disappointment. These sort of things are best delivered at once rather than spaced out over time, like a beating or a blow to the face. In some of his responses to those twitterers who agree with him (who were thankfully in the minority!) he says that the reason the Black race is failing is because we’re not united. And he ought to be thankful for that, because this sort of yard jockery is not something I want MY Blackness associated with. If the race was indeed united, we would unanimously vote him out.

Furthermore, for someone who talks about unity among the race, he has used the words “nigga”and “bitch” more times than an intoxicated plantation overseer at cotton harvest and breeding season. Again, only the similarly mentally captive would want any association with this sort of underachievement. As one Twitter user pointed out: Even Bill Cosby himself would never invite Faizon Love to his dinner table. Faizon is the embodiment of all that Cosby abhors in the Black race!

To be clear, Faizon Love’s tirade has absolutely nothing to do with his support of Bill Cosby, but rather his delusional view that a woman’s body is for a man’s routine use and pleasure. Faizon Love himself was recently charged with the assault of a woman who rebuffed his sexual advances. Faizon Love is a pimple on the face of America’s pervasive rape culture.

Remember the beloved, boy raping, football coach?

Remember the beloved, boy raping, football coach?

At the end of the day, we may never really know what transpired between Bill Cosby and the 14 (and counting) women who have come forward with rape allegations. The allegations cannot be brought to trial, because the statute of limitations for prosecuting rape vary so vastly from state to state. In some states a victim has just 3-5 years to report the crime. For anyone asking “Well shouldn’t 5 years be enough for a woman to come forward?” ask yourself why it takes men even longer to gather the strength to report rape. Don’t delude yourself: men ARE raped, and with more frequency that we’re comfortable admitting. The process of dealing with the trauma of having one’s body so utterly violated has no fill by date. This is Jerry Sandusky all over again.

As we await E!’s True Hollywood report Bill Cosby: Behind the Puddin’ Pop , we must each draw our own conclusions about what we THINK happened. As much as I have loved Bill Cosby, I have to side with the victims. People like foul-mouthed Faizon Love are the reason so few rapes and assaults get reported. I am adding my voice to the chorus telling ALL victims that we support and believe you; and though it may be painful, we want you to speak up quickly so that you can get the justice you deserve. Don’t let rape apologists and our laws rob you of that.

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  1. Rasheeda

    Let me start by saying, I know some pretty rough, foul and uneducated individuals and they still would never speak like this. I don’t even know what to make of what he said, I’m genuinely at a loss for words(rare I know). But I side with the victims as well. They have been robbed of their voice for DECADES and if I don’t value anything else, I value getting an opportunity to share your story without fear of backlash. If there is a silver lining in ANY of this (and I just HAVE to look for one) is that it brings to the forefront the prevalence and acceptance we have with our rape culture. It shows that no matter how successful a man is, he can still feel this entitlment towards women’s bodies. If we learn nothing else, let it be “Instead of teaching girls not to dress sexy, let’s teach boys not to rape”.

    • Malaka

      He’s a foul, pathetic creature. Sitting up here calling porch monkeys as he apes around on Twitter, violating the English language and exhibiting the mental capacity of a primate.

      He’s a coward to boot. If you follow his feed, he only attacks women. Never any men who bring him to task! And like you, Rasheeda, I’ve been around some pretty nasty ( and incoherent) language, but this one takes the cherry AND the cake!

      Thank you for offering comfort to victims everywhere!

    • Marshall

      I agree with most of your comment except for this statement, “if we learn nothing else, let it be “Instead of teaching girls not to dress sexy, let’s teach boys not to rape”.

      I say the missing ingredient in our culture is a lack of sacredness of sex and sexuality. Meaning that God gave sex but he also defined its boundaries. When there is a lack of sacredness of sex, there is also a lack of respect and honor given to the other person.

      For example, when a man seeks to sexually peruse a woman just to get to “hit that”, he has chosen to desacralize women, and therefore devaluing a woman and her worth. Friend with benefits, one night stands, sex outside of marriage, fornication, what ever you want to call this, enforces this fact.

      On top of that we have a new move in the media and the arts, and literature that further pushes the idea of desacralized sex. Then you have studies like this one where:

      A study by University at Buffalo sociologists has found that the portrayal of women in the popular media over the last several decades has become increasingly sexualized, even “pornified.” The same is not true of the portrayal of men. – See more at: http://www.buffalo.edu/news/releases/2011/08/12769.html#sthash.zp45AaAR.dpuf

      You see, the article goes on and says, “We don’t necessarily think it’s problematic for women to be portrayed as ‘sexy.’ But we do think it is problematic when nearly all images of women depict them not simply as ‘sexy women’ but as passive objects for someone else’s sexual pleasure.”

      “Sexualized portrayals of women have been found to legitimize or exacerbate violence against women and girls, as well as sexual harassment and anti-women attitudes among men and boys,” Hatton says. “Such images also have been shown to increase rates of body dissatisfaction and/or eating disorders among men, women and girls; and they have even been shown to decrease sexual satisfaction among both men and women.”

      This fact fuels the so called, Rape Culture. And the very media that has basically put Bill Cosby on trial, also makes our daughters these highly sexualized beings. Men have done this and are completely guilty of creating a culture of sex/rape, BUT its it only one sided?

      When a woman pursues sex and self pleasure more than understanding there role in the sacredness of sex they are not helping the situation. Yes, women have been sexually oppressed, enslaved and dominated and should have sexual freedom (in Marriage), but freedom isn’t free. Even freedom is sacred, which makes it God given with boundaries.

  2. AM

    This was actually a very calm read. Rape is something so horrific and degrading, yet folks still ask, why women don’t report. Victims are victimized to shame. So hence, why most women don’t report.

  3. ukuzazisa

    Too late for some of us Malaka, but very well written blog post.

  4. Anne

    Janice Dickinson, one of Cosby’s long-time accusers, is suing him now for defamation of character since he has said she lied about being raped by him. A couple of articles on this have been posted on Facebook, and the responses are almost always sophomoric insults directed at this woman. Most of them are directed at her appearance, with remarks about her being an old, broke gold-digger. She is 60 now, and her appearance has drastically altered from the beautiful model she used to be. In spite of the fact that Bill Cosby became enormously wealthy, with the clout to manage his own image assisted by a PR team that included lawyers, these folks insist that as a black man, he could not have assaulted so many white women. They choose to overlook the fact that he was older than the women and very well-established in Hollywood. He picked vulnerable young women who thought he would be the mentor to give them a foothold in the entertainment world of Hollywood. They also apparently choose to overlook the fact that some of the women were black, and a few were teenagers at the time of his predation on them. He had a non-threatening, jovial image and was not a challenge to the system like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were, among others. That’s why he was protected and supported by the Hollywood powers that be along with the fact that he was a huge cash cow. I’m not sure if she can win her suit, since so much time has passed, 33 years to be exact. However, I have a revulsion toward these apologists that almost equals the revulsion I have come to have toward Bill Cosby himself. Their attitudes are exactly why so many rape victims never come forward, and they are abysmally ignorant of the very rape culture they help to perpetuate with their ignorant, erroneous attitudes about rape. She truly IS a hot mess, and that’s one big reason they refuse to believe her along with the reluctance to believe that Bill Cosby is not the fictional Cliff Huxtable. They seem to operate on the backward view that because she is what she is at 60, she couldn’t have been raped at 27. I understand that she was also sexually abused in childhood. I don’t know how this whole thing will end, but I do know that if the price of so-called black unity is the denial and self-deception that requires me to ignore the predation of a so-called black icon, I will gladly opt out of that.

    • Malaka

      I wish I could put your comment on glittery paper, stuff it in a plane and drop it from the sky. EVERYONE needs to read this.

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