Is KKD Ghana’s Bill Cosby or is he Just "Misunderstood"?

Note: I am writing this post today with the understanding that several things are going to happen, because we’re dealing with the Ghanaian public, and it is a citizenry that excels in hypocrisy and assumptions. Ghanaian attitudes about rape are right out of an 18th century Russian melodrama: hardly factual, deferring to the strength and rights of men, and not progressive in the least. A woman literally has to be kidnapped, beaten and gang raped for the act to be considered sexual assault. Outside of that, she was asking for it.

Before any of you descends into my comments section with your theories about why I’m writing this today, know that I am debt free. I am not seeking pecuniary tributes for telling this tale. I am an author, and I write for a core audience, not for the masses. I’m not “trying to sell books”. I’m not writing this because I need new followers on Twitter. What for? In fact, the sort of attention this article is going to bring me is hardly inviable. I’m not a celebrity. I’m a mom, a wife, and on the night KKD asked me out on a date, I was someone’s 12 year old daughter.

****MOM MODE*****

In the 1990’s Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (alias KKD) was arguably the best DJ on Ghana radio. His tagline, to wit, was “KKD – the finest”. He spoke the best English, played the newest and hottest tunes and had a voice made for radio. From the most impressionable third grader to the cool kids in Uni, listening to KKD’s program was the height of everyone’s day.

The 90’s were a boom time for Blacks on the Continent and in the Diaspora. As a race and within our specific cultures, we were making inroads with music and fashion. Hip hop was now well established with acts like Wreckx-n-Effect, Naughty by Nature, Queen Latifah, Biggie and Pac dominating the charts. There was a connection between African American music and African clothing. As a pre-teen, nothing filled me with more pride than seeing Queen Latifah in Nefertiti earrings and a towering crown trimmed in kente cloth. Likewise, Ghanaian kids were learning to rap and doing so with their best (and very fake) American accents. Fashion featuring more “traditional” elements was growing in influence, and St. Osei – one of Ghana’s premier designers – was a trailblazer in that arena. Imagine how excited I was when I recruited to come and model his children’s wear at a show he had organized. My childhood friend Alice* had been modeling for him regularly, and he needed 3 more kids to show his clothes. Alice asked Adj, a kid named Prince and I if we’d like to be in the show, and of course we said yes. Alice was leggy, slim and dark with sweet eyes and round cheeks. She could sell sand to the Tuareg. It made sense that St. Osei would hire her. I, on the other hand, was chubby by Ghanaian standards and had poor posture…but I had an interesting face, so St. Osei yelled at me to stand up straight and let me walk in his show. I was beyond thrilled!

eVEy2M_KKDBut that wasn’t even the best part. I had heard that KKD was going to be MC’ing the event as well. On the final rehearsal night, the rumors were confirmed. The Finest himself showed up in all his radio splendor. He was the consummate gentleman; full of hilarious stories which he delivered with impeccable timing. By the end of the evening, he had taken a particular interest in me and because of his particular attentions, our little group of child models didn’t have to either walk or take a trotro/1-1 taxi back home that night. KKD let me sit in the front and made all the other kids sit in the back. He asked me if he could take me to dinner. I remember looking out of the window and thinking it was getting late. The sun sets at 6pm in Accra. By 6:30 the sky is dark as midnight. I was never out of the house after 6:15. I was 12! I told him I thought it would be okay…we’d just have to ask my mom.

“Where do you want to go?” he asked.

I replied that I wanted to go to Bus Stop for ice cream. It was settled.

I burst into the door with the biggest grin on my face. My mother was pacing, because we were supposed to have been back an hour before. I explained that KKD had dropped Alice and Prince off at home before bringing us and apologized for being late.

“Who?” she asked. I can still hear the edge in her voice.

“KKD! From the radio!” I gushed. My sister was showing him and the friend who had accompanied him into our house. He greeted my mother cordially. She looked at him with eyes of glass and an expressionless face. I was mortified.

He explained (again) that he had met us all at the show rehearsal and had dropped the kids of individually.

“And now, I’m going to take your daughter out!” He gently grabbed my hand and said the words with a winning smile. I looked at my mother hopefully. KKD was going to take me out for ice-cream!

Now, my mother, being a devout Muslim woman would never cuss a man out, but she didn’t need to. In her eyes I saw all kinds of “niggas”, “the f*ck you say”, and “I’ll cut your cock off if you take one more step.” Her skin was unyielding when she spoke, and looked like marble.

“And just where do you think you’re taking my daughter?” she asked in measured tones.

KKD mumbled something about going to dinner. Mom replied that we had dinner here, and that he was welcome to stay.

“We’re having rice and stew,” she said, pointing to what I recognized as yesterday’s rice and some chunky tomato sauce.

He declined and said he would take his leave now.

Ooooohhh! I was so pissed! Why couldn’t my mom have just him take me for ice-cream? I sulked for days, until it was time to perform at the show. I waved at KKD when we arrived and prepared to go on stage, but he looked at me coldly and didn’t return my affectionate greeting. I was shocked. It wasn’t until I got much older that I realized that my mom most likely saved me from ruin that night. What 20-something year old man takes a 12 year old he just met out for ice cream in the middle of the night? I’ll wait while you answer that, and if you can justify that act, well…you’re probably a pedophile too.


In the coming days, within your own circles, you will hear several women tell their stories about their encounters with KKD. Like most powerful men in Ghana, he is a predator and he feels he has the right to any woman – no matter her age – when and where he wants her. The reason KKD is in the news today is because he wanted a 19 year old girl and took her in a hotel toilet. That could have been me, but I had a mother who was not having it. At all.

People in his circle know he’s nasty, just like people in R. Kelly’s circle knew he was nasty, just like people know the Rev. Jesse Jackson is nasty. (One day I’ll tell you about his shenanigans down here in the A.) However, y’all still buy R Kelly’s music and many of you reading will accuse me of ‘judging’ KKD. I’m not judging him. I’m just calling a spade a spade and telling you he’s a nasty man. The problem with Black people – and yes, this IS one of our unique problems – is that we do not hold our men to account for their misdeeds. Black women are expected to protect Black men at all costs, even if it costs us our own lives. That’s how we show we “love them”. That’s not love. That’s cowardice. That’s being complicit in covering up a multitude of sins and crimes. Let me tell you something: Christ died for that, so I wouldn’t have to. You want your sins covered in someone else’s blood? Go see Jesus, not your local Black woman.

To all the women who don’t have a blog, or a book, or a radio program who wished desperately that they could tell someone in details about an attack you suffered: don’t be afraid to tell. Women in Ghana are raped routinely. Rape isn’t just about physical force and violence. It’s about control and coercion. A man doesn’t have to use his fist to threaten you. Words are often enough. If you don’t feel in control of the act you are engaging in, it’s rape. Period.

Any questions?

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  1. kobbyblay

    i quite saw this coming, but what stopped you from writing this all this while?

    • Malaka

      Yes. This is the question all the women KKD has been appropriate with will be asked. It’s not your business, but I actually talked to my dad about that encounter a few months ago, or rather he brought it up. I talked about it in one of my book readings in Ghana last year. This is no secret in my close circles. I just happened to blog about because I know many women won’t…and they should.
      I will not be shamed into not talking/writing about this NOW because it doesnt suit your or anyone else’s timeline.

  2. Abena

    I know it’s not funny but that line about Yesterday’s rice and some chunky tomato stew had me in stitches.
    I see that picture clearly.. Our mother’s… We hate to love them
    It’s never too late to write about an experience.
    Well done.
    May that girl gets justice if she deserves it.
    And for all those social media judges spreading her picture and saying she deserves it…
    In Patience Jonathan’s voice ‘Diaris God oo, diaris God’

  3. kwasi

    KKD is Kwasi Kyei Darkwa not Kwasi Kyei Darkoa! Check your spellings.

    • Malaka

      Lies. It’s “Darkwah”. Also check your spellings before you scold.

    • A-dub

      Kwasi… if this was a playground, all the kids would would playing Red light Green light while you are off in the corner…with a stick… drawing circles in the sand BY YOURSELF. You totally missed the point of the story if the spelling of his name is your sole focus. Please take your stick and go home or to another playground. In any case, please leave.

  4. King

    So you are claiming that KKD’s nature, and just how do u expect us to believe your story?? It’s clear u just cooking up something to back this lady… How can a girl go to a man’s hotel, enter the bathroom with him, open her legs for him and later come out to say she was raped?? What nonsense!! And u sit there to back her up?? Hypocrites

  5. King

    It’s clearly a frame up. The girl might have wanted something from KKD and simply because she couldn’t get it, she’s cooked up this case to put him in trouble. KKD says they’ve been having sex concensually and this isn’t just the first time. Now back to your story, did u think KKD was going to rape u when he asked for dinner with you from your mum?? How do u think?? He prolly wanted a relationship with you and if u cool with it, fine. If not u go your way. Stop this hypocritical behavior cuz God is watching us all…

    • Mamaga

      I am 29 years old; I want a relationship with your 12 year old sister my guy. Hit me up if you have a sister or a cousin that age…IDIOT!!!!

  6. Za

    So many questions ! First of all kudos to you for telling your story. It really made me recall all the harrasssment endured from crusty old men in Ghana , the “Thank You Jesus” near escapes that you tuck so far back in your head , they feel like they didn’t happen.
    I chose then and now to deal with them with humor, however wrong or inappropriate that might be. I guess each laugh is gratitude for escaping “the spiders” web each and every time.
    1) At what age did your feelings change about this encounter? It seems like at the time you didn’t feel threatened by him at all, likely cos of your youth and the fact that he was a beloved celebrity. At what point were you like, ” Thank God for my Mama”.
    2) I can’t believe he really thought your mother was going to allow him to take her preteen daughter out in his car at night . Girl , you were braver than me, maybe I had “adwen bone” cos I wouldn’t have dared even asked!

    3) What lead you to have this conversation with your Dad?

  7. Whitney

    First time on this blog and I love it!! Malaka you are Glorious!! Never be distracted by negativity….Your 12yr old self found the courage to tell and I hope is liberated. Thank you for this

  8. Fred

    First time I have read your blog and I am petrified by your narrative of that night considering the hundreds of shows emceed by this gentleman and the number of impressionable kids,young women he would have encountered throughout his illustrious career.I think he fits a Jimmy Saville more than a Bill Cosby though.

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  10. ntriwa101Rachel

    Kudos to you for being brave and making it your business to write about it. I pray his most recent victim will have the courage to face the public here; who unfortunately have concluded that she deserved it. We need more brave women like you

  11. Kojo

    I hope other victims have the courage to speak up as well! Love your twitter bio anyways!

  12. Swaye kidd

    oh so the story you shared at the book reading was about him? Well as you said, many other ‘rape’ stories will emerge.We wait to see what the police investigations would yield

    • Malaka

      Yup. I was *this* close to mentioning his name if you recall, but my dad gave me a look like “Nah girl. Not here.”
      Like I said that night, we have to be really careful who we let our kids around. Im lucky neither of my parents play that mess, and as a child who developed early I cant count the number of near misses Ive had with dirty old men.
      There are some mothers/fathers who would have let me go with KKD that night, and that’s a frightening thought.

  13. Mel

    oh wow… thanks for sharing our story sweety… and you write soo well… I had a clear picture what happened some 10 yrs ago… thanks to our mothers oh

  14. angela

    omg….. Cant stop laughing really…to think of it people are actually rooting for a pedophile….Ghana, we are rotten. To that someone who is concerned about the “darkoa” aspect of his name…..c’mmon it is a noun…..of a pedophile

  15. Cedes

    Thanks for sharing Malaka. Zero tolerance for pedophiles and all forms of violence against women.

  16. clasical

    KKD’s daughter
    my dad did it period b/c he is a dirty role model.shame on you women defending kdd.his cup is full

  17. D'Shey

    You started your piece with a disclaimer about not wanting attention and all the other bullshit, but I think that’s exactly what you are doing here. I will keep saying it……Here we go with the attention seekers crawling out of the woodwork! Stop it already! Did he rape you too that night? Out of the kindness of his heart he gave u and ur friends a ride, took u home and in a gentlemanly fashion asked your mom to take you to dinner, and that makes him a pedophile! You mentioned not judging him, but yet call him a pedophile, because he had sex with a girl of legal age? Somewhere in there u mentioned it was after 6pm, then later said in the middle of the night. What are u really trying to do here. Stop it already! It’s very obvious what your dubious intentions are. Don’t take to social media to crucify a man who can’t defend himself, then call people who truely know him and are defending him pedophiles. Such twisted judgement!

  18. chrisphd2016

    I bought your book but i will just drop it in the trash can right now.You just lost a fan.You sound so judgemental. I would have wish that you allow the law to take its course. For your information, my mothers classmate at wesley girls invited me out for dinner when i was 11.I guess she had an agenda right?

    • Sel

      Wow! Won’t even touch this one with a 10 ft pole…the mental disease might be catching.

    • Malaka

      Oh please. Listen to what you’re saying. “Your MOTHER’S classmate invited you to dinner.” Your mother had a working relationship with this woman. My mom didnt know KKD from the man in the moon! And given the stories that are flying out from girs as young as NINE that he has victimized, it’s a good thing she prevented me from going!
      For the love of the Holy Spirit and Buddha, think!
      I’m sorry my brush with potential misfortune upset you this much, and I hope you’ll recycle the book instead of wasting paper. That said, you probably weren’t a real fan anyway.
      No love lost. NONE.

  19. ayisiriches

    I think if indeed she was raped,T hen it lies with t he help of all t he ladies that has had an ordeal with this man,s he wi ll need all the help,cos its not an easy thing to.prove…..looking at our Cultur e,she n ds ur help

  20. ewurama

    Some of us endured silently. Thanks for speaking out.

    • Malaka

      You’re welcome. In time, when you’re ready to speak your truth, know I and many others will be 100% behind you.
      There will be many knuckleheads who will try to cow you into silence calling you names and questioning your motives. This is how predators escape the barbs of justice. Ignore them unless you can spare the energy.
      With the support of like minded friends and strangers, you are strong!

  21. ghanafilter

    thanks for speaking up. some of us have suffered in silence for far too long.

  22. Jigga

    This is such a bullshit, prejudicial, and agenda-driven blog. If you believe that rape is a problem in this country, get out in front of the issue and find solutions to it. However, don’t try to turn someone into a monster that no evidence suggests he is. You’d have a point if the girl in this case was a minor, but she is of legal age.
    Additionally, if you had taken a little time to research rape statistics, you would’ve known that the person who was taken to dinner by his mother’s classmate was more at risk for rape than you. Approximately 66% of rapres are perpetrated by someone known to the victim.
    If you are going to sit behind your keyboard and insinuate that someone is a pedophile, please have FACTS and EVIDENCE to substantiate that, and not draw such a damaging conclusion simply because he wanted to take you to dinner.

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