Ghana Museums and Monuments Board Sanctions Debase Slavery Exposition

Some of his "art"

Some of his “art”

Nope, nope, nope and all the nopes that ever noped.

I am really hoping that someone like Soraya or Kinna or one of those really cerebral chicks I follow on Twirra will pound out an amazing think piece on this disaster that one Togolese/Ewe artist is pitching as art and help the WORLD understand why this is just a hot mess that never should have been allowed to leave the confines of Fiatsi Va-Bene’s mind.

Ugh. The fact that I’ve even said his name and driven clicks to his website is like a dagger to my soul, nevertheless, it behooves us all to know who the enemies who walk amongst us are. Oh yes, Fiatsi is an enemy of the Black race. There are no two ways about that.

If you are so inclined, you can Google this man and look at his work. A quick glance will reveal his faux depth. He is preoccupied with Black bodies covered in filth, chains or as offerings for human consumption. He sees Blackness as something to be exploited and devoured, and that’s where his artistic narrative ends. His latest “exhibition” is the next step in that narrative.

M.O.M. Squad and ladies and gentlemen of the Interwebs, can you believe that the academics at the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board have actually allowed this heretic and debaser of our ancestry to hold an exhibition depicting people shackled and silent in the bowels of the Elmina Dungeons? I know this because Mr. Va-Bene has posted an open call for volunteers to sit silently in the bottom of the dark, dank cell that held hundreds of thousands of African men and women before ferrying them off to slavery (if death didn’t take them first) on this website. 

And people are signing up, some giggling with excitement about how “crazy” this is going to be!

The 12 hour “exhibition” called Return of the Slaves will proceed as follows:

Performance Description & Rules

  • Participants will stay in the slave dungeon from Friday, 6:00pm to Saturday, 6:00am (12 hours overnight) with loosed chains on their hands and legs
  • Participants are not to communicate verbally during the 12-hour stay but they will be free to move within the dungeon
  • Participants will wear only red wrappers around their waist and on the breast (females).
  • Participants are not to exit until the end the performance
  • No physical pain will be inflicted
  • The public will be able to view performance in the dungeon by lantern or torchlight only


Food and Drink

  • Participants are not to eat any food during the 12-hour stay in the dungeon, they will be given only water
  • Food will be provided to participants at the end of the 12-hour stay in the dungeon


Yes. You read all of that right. Participants are not allowed to speak. They are not allowed to eat. They are supposed to behave as though slavery is a normal (and comfortable) condition for them.

Are you kidding me? Are you trying to tell me that those mighty men of Ashanti who were captured in war were not plotting some escape, or the mother who was snatched from her children was not clawing her way desperately out of those walls? Sit silently for what? This man and the Ghana Museum board is MAD.

But that’s the problem with Ghana. Madness is running the country and we are calling it art and progress. A dead goat is at the helm and we call any nonsense and excuses he spews wisdom. None of these people should be allowed to have any influence over Black people. They are the worst type of white supremacists. These are the vanguards of the New Black in Africa.

Now, there are some people who see absolutely nothing wrong with this exhibition or the mentality that lead up to its (planned) execution. Please don’t bore me in the comments section. Save your prattle for someone who is interested in your mediocre view of yourself. I am uninterested for two reasons primarily: I can’t change your mind about the disgusting way that you view your Blackness, and because this is Ghana. NO ONE is going to step in and stop this travesty from happening. White people will come from out of the woodwork with voyeuristic intent to witness Black suffering. They get off on it. It’s better than an orgasm. Don’t believe me? Just watch who shows up in July with their flashlights to go down into the cells. But as bad as that is, that the brainchild and architect of such a perverse event should share the same skin as me is more than I can take. I swear, the spirit of every African slave raider and child predator that ever lived inhabits the bodies of the Museum board and this primate who calls himself an “artist”.

This is worse than the human zoo. This is worse than the SNAP challenge. Can you imagine an “artist” inviting people to come to Auschwitz to re-enact the gassing of Jewish people, or a call for US Marines to have their corpses beheaded by the Japanese? No. We can’t. Why? Because the world respect any body that isn’t Black, including some Black people. But to be from Africa and pull a stunt like this? Because it’s supposed to be “edgy”?