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How A Big Booty and A Fist Nearly Started a War

Don’t let the title fool you. Trust me, it’s not what you think.

Recently, someone on Twirra was talking about how men “love women”, because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t go to war for them.

“Didn’t Helen of Troy begin a war?’ he asked in pseudo Socratic reasoning.

Hei! The Trojan war was as a result of bruised pride and ego, not because Helen was so hot. Her betrothed was embarrassed to have become a cuckold, nothing more! The excuse that men start wars to defend women is a false one. If not, would an entire settlement not have nearly been brought to its knees because of the boxing skills of one teenaged girl? Listen to her story here:


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  1. ChickAboutTown (@ChickAboutTown)

    Thanks for keeping it real. This post made me TOO happy: 1) because of the way your friend stood up for herself and 2) because of you telling the story like only an African woman can. Thank you! 🙂

    • Malaka

      Hahaha!! I only wish I could imitate her voice so you could get the full effect. That story gives me LIFE. I had to share it!
      More African women need to stand up for themselves. They may not have to beat up men, but at the very least not take injustice lying down. I’m so proud of my sisters in Kenya, for example. We need more brave souls like that, mobilized and ready to go!

  2. blogoratti

    That was fun to watch, people need to stand up for themselves!

  3. Caleb fwah

    She did the RIGHT thing “O Jare” If he was taught well at home he wouldn’t have gone to bring shame to his tribe. He needed the likes of Aisha to teach him respect for peers not just elders.

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