Christian Chauvinists: You HAVE to Stop Doing This


: an attitude that the members of your own sex are always better than those of the opposite sex

: the belief that your country, race, etc., is better than any other


Fresh off of the Sabbath, there are people out here on the interwebs and at a Golden Corral near you showing their collective behinds over their church membership and its supposed significance. These are not followers of Christ, and I refuse to honor them with the label “Christian”. These are people who were born into a home where they saw a cross hanging in the living room and were forced to memorize a few scriptures in order to validate the religious moniker their parents bestowed upon them, but do not have Christ in their hearts.

And there are droves of them.

And they are loud and verbose with their obnoxious behavior and minuscule intelligence and displays of a deficiency of self-awareness.

And in the majority, they are men. Close behind these men are women who think that they are inferior to men and must therefore (exclusively) advance the agenda of men because this makes them “godly women”.

And I am TIRED.

I have a number of atheist acquaintances that I interact with online, and for the most part, our interactions are civil. They don’t believe in God or Christ’s redemptive work on the cross, and I am okay with that. What I am never okay with is when an atheist gets on his/her own religious soap box and begins to slight my faith. However, I have even less tolerance for church goers who in turn attack atheists in the vilest ways. I wish it were as simple as “You’re gonna go to hell if you don’t accept Christ!”

That would be nice. Instead, I’m seeing men tell women that they are sluts, cunts, stupid whores and witches because these same women refuse to kowtow to the patriarchal woman-hating god that these men worship Sunday after Sunday. These are the heralds of modern Christianity, and this is what folks think “Christianity” is… a bunch of douche bags sitting around demeaning women because God says so.

I promise you, I’m SO tired.

The people I love the most in this world – my brother and sister – are agnostic. They believe in a supreme being floating somewhere out in the Universe because they understand that as vast as the galaxy is, we cannot be the only thing that exists in it. That is the essence of hubris: to assume that your bipedal, mammalian existence is the most important vector in the expanse of space. They don’t share my faith, and that’s not their fault. It’s mine. It’s the fault of every douche bag church goer they’ve ever seen on television or met in person. If Christians were truly walking in Christ’s power – to heal, to console, to argue with reason and intelligence, and to love – there would be far less angst and debate and far more souls about trivial issues, far more evidence of God’s great love and more souls being won into the kingdom of Heaven. But douche bag church-goers STAY sending folks to hell, and your bible says you will have to give an account on the Great Day for every person you robbed of the opportunity to have a relationship with the true and living God.

It grieves me to think that when my brother and sister die, and we all must die, I would make it into Heaven and they would not. I know I could not be happy if we lived eternally separated from each other. Nevertheless, I recognize that their decision not to follow Christ is just that: a decision. They have observed a sample of the population, received the Biblical data (at least in part), analyzed it, and concluded it’s not for them. I have to (and do) respect that. Me kraaa, who’s to say God even wants my potty mouth in His presence?

Christian chauvinists! You have to stop your disgusting attacks on people who do not share your beliefs, and deluding yourselves into thinking that you can insult someone into the Kingdom of God. It just doesn’t work that way.

I understand why you do it though: It’s because you are afraid. You’re afraid that someone who is an atheist and functions in a respected sphere such as law, medicine or politics and does not share your belief somehow invalidates your belief. You think that if these “smart people” do not believe in the perfect God you think you serve then it means that you somehow must not be quite as smart. You think unbelief is contagious, and because you are not equipped with the mental dexterity to converse in an enlightened manner with someone who is not a douche bag church goer like yourself, your reflex is to insult their intelligence – or their sexuality, sexual history and/or gender –  rather than the substance of their view(s). You really must sit down and query your motives and your own faith. Ask yourself how someone blatantly stating that they would rather worship “burnt toast” than return to church affects you? How is that a menace to your personal faith?

Christians believe that the human being exists in three parts: spirit, soul and body. The spirit of God was made manifest in the flesh through Christ as an example of what is possible through your faith. But even in His day, when he walked and sweated and bled like any other man, folks still did not believe in Him. Even when He raised Lazarus from the dead, or made the blind see, or debated the Torah in the temple with new insight or performed the multitude of miracles we’ve heard about our entire lives, people still did not believe! Nevertheless, Christ’s ministry was about consistently showing individuals their singular importance to the Almighty, despite their sinful ways. That is why He did not condemn the woman at the well. That is why he told the adulterous woman that He did not judge her after sending her accusers away in their shame. That is why He vehemently forbade His disciples from sending away a throng of children who wanted to get closer to Him. Because ALL life has value to God.

So do you really think that by demeaning women (because Christian chauvinists are rarely brave enough to engage or combat men about their “sin”) you can win a soul to God? That’s your strategy? Spoiler alert: it’s going to fail.