Are They Sellin' Tickets to Negrotown? Get me 6!

Blogging rules dictate the I say something witty and pithy prior to advising you to click on the video below, but I don’t want to rob you of the opportunity of discovering the magic of Negrotown for yourself.

I will tell you that I’d love to move to Negrotown for the following reasons:

  • So I can welcome Spring without the fear (and foreknowledge) that the warm weather will invariably usher the violent death of an unarmed Black teen at the hands of police and cop wannabes
  • So we can wear a hoodie or bright colors without worry
  • No longer having to grapple with the scourge of colorism as a feeder into white supremacy!
  • Everyone looks so happy. ALL the time. I want to be in a place where everyone is happy – and more importantly – just human, and not a problem that the world has convinced itself it needs to fix.

CAUTION: Intermittent strong language. Hilarity will ensue.