Ghana: A Haven for Sociopaths and (Child) Rapists

I asked a question recently with regards to a certain rape case and a certain ace broadcaster. Yes, I know you guys are tired of hearing me talk about it. I don’t care. Log off. There are wider implications from the behavior exhibited and the outcomes that affect us all, and we need to talk about them. The question was:

How many years and abortions did it take before this 50 year old male “celebrity” switched his MO to carrying around and dispensing the morning after pill to his partners (or victims)?

I don’t have the hour or so needed to write about these issues, but I certainly will delve deeper into it when I have the time. For now, watch this and lets answer why/how we let a man who, according to doctors, needs psychological help walk the streets without treatment, a proven history of sexual violence against minors, and easy access to Postinor-2.

That’s not okay. Roll film!