The Make Up Tutorial That Changed My Life

Sweet shegge! Every once in a while in the barrage of perpetual angst, vitriol and anger, Facebook delivers a nugget so precious that you grab a hold of it and flee. You never want to lose the light and joy this precious thing has delivered unto you. Yesterday, one such gem filtered onto my newsfeed and I am eternally grateful!

I don’t know who this woman is. Her profile looks like it’s written in Amharic, but her accent is Kenyan. She may be a Kenyan living in Ethiopia. I don’t know. All I know is that her make up video gave me SO much life that I had to try it for myself. And it wasn’t just about the make-up: It was the life affirming words she was sharing. It was the socio-political dynamics of femininity she explored. It was the way she popped her gum between every syllable! I have to tell you MOM Squad: I have never felt so powerful and alive in my whole life! It WORKS. I felt like a local celebrity when I was through. I highly recommend you try this at home.

Please watch her video and share. If you know her name, add it to the comments section so that we can send her our gratitude in the spirit.

Who is this Empress?

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I must be like her