As a Christian Living in America, the SCOTUS Ruling on Gay Marriage Doesn’t Bother Me in the Least

On Friday, June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled 5-4 in favor of same sex marriage and many people are in their feelings about it. The media would have you believe that the only people who have a problem with this ruling are backwater, semi-literate, Bible thumping, snake wielding traditionalists sweating out their angst in the middle of the American heartland, but an honest conversation with your neighbor will show that this is not the case. People of all faiths – or NO faith – do not approve of this ruling. Hispanics, Jews, Arabs, Blacks and whites do not approve of this ruling. Heck, even some gay people have expressed reservations about the method in which the right to marry was achieved. Like Roe v Wade and Brown v The Board of Education, whenever you have a federal ruling mandating a major social shift like this instead of allowing it to happen “organically”, the results are frequently disastrous. In America, Blacks often bear the brunt of that calamity. Our schools are in shambles and our unborn in the womb are under constant attack. Time will only tell what this SCOTUS ruling will mean for Africans living in America.

Much of the hand-wringing that is taking place over this ruling is going on in the church. When the news that there would be a federal decision on the matter broke, churches around the country were implored to pray for the judges and that God’s will be done in the end. I don’t know if this is God’s will or not, but I know that God was not surprised by the outcome and neither was I. Not because I’m a soothsayer, but because like the Almighty Herself, I am well aware that this country was never built on righteousness or the word of God.

Let me make that plain: the ONLY people truly suffering apoplexy over the issue are those who have accepted the falsehood that America was built on “the word of God”, justice and fairy dust.

America’s foundations are sodden with blood and made solid by the destruction of native peoples. America was literally acquired by theft, and that theft was justified by turning it into law. The halls in which congress would govern and make proclamations about freedom, justice and rights were built by slave labor; men, women and children who were brought to these shores by men stealers. Even the food Americans eat today is grown and harvested by people who have been exploited by this spirit that made America. That spirit is Greed, and not the Holy Spirit as so many would suppose. So does this ruling bother me as a Christian? No. Because in the grand scheme of things, America has much to atone for in the areas of corruption, slavery, dishonesty, theft, murder, sloth and any other deplorable sin you can think of. Gay marriage is not the beginning of America’s turn away from God. America’s face was never toward God.

I know, I know. I can hear you hollering America WAS built on Christian faith, Malaka! The Pilgrims came here with Honey Baked Ham and paperback copies of the New England primer to share with their “Indian” neighbors. But let’s be honest: the Bibles and Bible based books that many children learned to read from weren’t so much of a function of a desire to be godly, but rather because Bibles were already being printed in mass. Why draw up a new curriculum when there was already something in print. If America was really built on the Bible and the teachings of Christ, the conscience of this nation would never have permitted half of the atrocities that took place here. To quote Malcolm X: “We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us.”

America’s system on government is based on the Roman system of democracy, not Judeo-Christian philosophy. In a theocracy, there would be no senate, congress or Prime Minister or President. In God’s plan (according to the Bible), God’s people would be governed by judges who heard from God and directed the people accordingly. The Hebrews didn’t want that. They wanted a king, and they got Saul. It didn’t work out too well for anyone.

Because America is structured on an anti-Christian form of government, it would only make sense that it would bear its fruits in the long run. Almost everyone in Rome was in a homosexual relationship, particularly in government. Senators and the ruling elite had sex with men and boys for pleasure and with women for the sole purpose of procreation. White gay men have always been the most powerful bloc in the history of mankind, and they have centralized that power to themselves and used it to destroy entire communities. From ancient Rome to Washington, DC, the rights and privileges of others have found themselves subverted in favor of white gay men. Seriously, Barack Obama can get gay marriage signed into law, but he the best he can do for the protection of Black people is to get behind a pulpit and hoop – albeit it eloquently – even as we’re shot unarmed in the streets and in our houses of worship? He can’t fix the school to prison pipeline where Black and Brown youth are visibly herded from their desks to a cell for things white kids do with impunity, but can ask celebrities to rally behind #NoH8 and other social media campaigns? Who else do you so this for but for the powerful?

Let me tell you what’s coming down the pike next: The Pulpit to Prison pipeline. They are already calling parts of the Bible “hate speech” and several pastors have spoken openly about being threatened by the government if they do not change the tone or message in their sermons. We never thought there would be a day when we’d see Black kids being scooped up from their schools and thrown in shackles for doodling on desks or for science experiments gone awry. Sit here and delude yourself into thinking that feds or the police won’t haul your pastor from his pulpit for reading Leviticus 18. But again, this would only come as a shock if you really thought that America was a nation that “loves God” or whose foundation was the Bible. Gay rights advocates are already persecuting anyone who refuses to sell them flowers or bake them a cake.

There is one thing I need for gay people to stop doing today, right now however: Stop trying to make people in history gay when there was NO proof of this. I heard that there is a theory that David and Jonathan shared a homoerotic relationship because the bible says in 1 Samuel that “There was an immediate bond between them, for Jonathan loved David.” What? You never met someone that you struck up an immediate friendship with? Stop thinking with your genitals and try the love of God for God’s sake. And STOP trying to make George Washington Carver a “gay Black hero”, based on faulty evidence (like the fact that he never married). George Washington Carver never talked about anything but science and gave all his credit to God. But he was a sickler as a child who was raised by a white family. Do you know what they did to Black males – like butlers and house servants – who shared quarters with white women in those days? They castrated and took their virility from them. Listen to his voice for the evidence. Don’t you dare pour bleach on Mr. Carver and the horrors of our past to service your present day agenda.

I saw this cartoon floating around on Facebook and was amused by the jubilant reactions by my friends. The image of the Confederate flag going day and the gay flag coming up does not excite anything in me but displaced anxiety. While one was an assault on my Blackness, the other represents an assault on my religious freedom.


“Oh no,” you say. “We come in peace!”

So did the Spaniards. You see how well that worked out for the Mayans.

Congratulations to the supporters of gay marriage. I hope that we all can get along, and that my people won’t suffer too much in the face of whatever unintended consequences are coming down the line. But as far as Christians and the destruction of the soul of this nation are concerned, there shouldn’t be any anxiety at all. America has long been the devil’s playground.