Did You Know Books by Malaka are Available for Delivery All Over Africa?

Ho, ho, ho, Friends!

The rainy season is here (unless you’re in South Africa, where it’s summer) and the season of ChrisKwaHannuFestivus is upon us!

Formerly known as ChrismaKwanzaHannukah, ChrisKwaHannuFestivus is a celebration for those of us who do not discriminate against any of the holidays that traditionally take over the month of December.  It is celebrated by those who enjoy a good bean pie as they take their turn spinning a dreidel with a rousing rendition of ‘Oh Holy Night’ in the backdrop. ‘Festivus’ has been added to the amalgamation in recognition of those people who have no religious allegiances  and have identified themselves as ‘The Rest of Us’.

Whatever the case may be, it’s the season of giving. And what better gift to give than a good book?

For those of us who live in the Western world, online purchasing is our new normal. And when it comes to buying hard copy books, few of us visit the old brick and mortar stores where our beloved tomes were once house. For one thing, so few of them are still in operation. Remember when Borders closed it doors as did your whimsical, independent book store? Remember the pain you felt when they were converted into a Jett’s Pizza cum pet grooming store? Of course you do. It was devastating! Fortunately, Amazon and were there to pick up the slack (or in some markets, were the direct cause of it). All of a sudden and for a small fee, you could browse for your books online and either have them delivered to your Kindle or to your doorstep.

The era of self-publishing and direct marketing to your readership was officially on! As an author based in the US, this was a great shift for me. However as an author who primarily writes for an African audience, I was perplexed. Where was the consideration for non-Diaspora African markets? There was very little, if any. Geography-based price gauging is the norm for a number of e-merchant sites, and shipping costs from the US to the continent have given many of my readers pause before making a purchasing commitment. This has grieved me… grieved me profoundly, I say! All this pleasure denied because of discrimination and stereotypes, I say!

Enter StoreFoundry. They have soothed what has been a nagging itch and thorn in my side.

Are you in Kumasi? Takoradi? Johannesburg? Addis Ababa? Lagos?!?! Are you one of the numerous people who have asked when my books will be available at your bookstore and have been disappointed when I report back that your local retail store will only stock white writers, Christian books or crayons? Suffer no more! Now you too have the power of point, click and purchase with delivery to your door with StoreFoundry. Yes, you heard me right: you don’t HAVE to have Books by Malaka delivered exclusively on your e-reader. You now have options.

*Throws confetti*

E-published books are great, but sometimes you just need that connection with paper and ink. Besides, ‘Sally and the Butterfly’ isn’t on an e-format because it’s a pick your own path book. (Did I mention that ‘Sally and the Butterfly’ is  Ghana’s first pick your own path book for kids? Because that’s important to someone besides me; I’m sure of it.)

Why are you still reading this? What are you waiting for? You should be browsing! Click, click and share HERE!  And while you’re on StoreFoundry, check out the beauty section. It has all your new favorite beauty brands for 2016 and beyond. 🙂

Ho, ho, ho click and go!